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6 of the best; WoS puts the latest gadgets to the test.

Could King Harald, the blueberry eating Viking leader ever imagine his stained teeth would be immortalised as a name for one of the most ubiquitous of 21st century technologies? It may only be a short range frequency for data transfer that started life living in mobile ear-pieces, but it has now embedded itself in all manner of electronic gadgetry.


(pounds 99.99, from

This stylish box pumps out an impressive bass and is ideal for setting your mobile tracks free from the confines of that tinny built-in speaker.

The satisfying LED display is activated with your digits and delivers stereo sound for handsets, laptops and MP3 players. Share your Sounds.

HARD COPY - Polaroid Pogo (pounds 99, see

Send images from your mobile to this dinky printing machine and in 60 seconds you'll be rewarded with a business card sized copy of your snap.

Using thermal printing technology there's no need for ink inside and the photo paper has a sticky back so you can plaster your pictures wherever you please.

NUDGE NUDGE - Vibrating Bracelet (pounds 26.95, at Each incoming email, text or call will result in a gentle buzz from this bracelet, a great bit of kit for those into geek chic.

For forgetful types it also offers a reminder that you've left your mobile behind if you happen to wander more than five metres from it.

CABLE FREE CANS - Logitech Freepulse (pounds 49.99, at Plug the Bluetooth adapter into your MP3 player and have top quality sounds (depending on your musical tastes) delivered direct to your headset without all the wire that tends to get trapped and snags at every opportunity.

The earphones have direct volume and bass control and operate up to 30ft away from your device.

REMOTE RODENT - MoGo X54 mouse

(pounds 54.99, at Use yours as a remote control unit to wirelessly control a variety of media devices or simply switch it to mouse mode and take control of your cursor and all the other functions with a simple slick of a switch.

The MoGo lives inside your PC out of sight and while in hibernation recharges itself.

TERRIFIC TIMEPIECE - Sony Ericsson MBW 1550 (around pounds 179.95, at Displays caller IDs when your phone rings so you can reject or mute calls, vibrates when you have incoming calls or texts and has dedicated buttons for controlling your mobile's music.

Stick on a headset and you'll never need to take your phone from your pocket.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 30, 2008
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