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6 Shocking Moments From 'Outlander' Season 3, Episode 7.

"Outlander" let Jamie and Claire have a happy reunion last week, but it was time for drama in Season 3, episode 7. The Starz TV show had plenty of shocking moments in this week's episode.

Claire's Attack - Claire (Caitriona Balfe) actually manages to defend herself from her attacker, Barton (Ian Conningham), who was introduced in ( last week's cliffhanger . Ultimately, though, he slips and falls, hitting his head on the hearth of the fireplace. Claire is determined to help the man, much to Jamie's (Sam Heughan) dismay, but she can't relieve the pressure in his brain. He dies.

Fergus' Claims About Claire - This is not the most shocking moment, but it was pretty funny to hear Fergus' (CAaAaAeA@sar Domboy) raving abo Claire. Fergus has idolized Claire in the years since her disappearance. He claims she put men back together after they were cut in half by swords or blown to pieces by cannon fire. His affection for Claire has clearly caused him to embellish a bit.

Jamie Lies To Ian - When Ian (Steven Cree) comes looking for Young Ian (John Bell), Jamie doesn't let Claire say that they've seen him. Jamie figures Young Ian keeps coming back to him, so at least he can keep the boy safe. Claire is appalled that Jamie would let Ian and Jenny worry for weeks at a time. They need to know that their boy is safe, and Claire thinks Jamie's choices make it clear that he has ( never actually raised a child . That leads to a hurtful argument, but they can't fight for long. The print shop is on fire.

The Print Shop Thief - Fergus is determined to help Young Ian lose his virginity, and the plan actually seems to actually work. However, Ian and his lady are interrupted mid-coitus when Harry Tompkins (Ian Reddington) breaks into the print shop. He works for Sir Percival Turner (Paul Brightwell), a customs officer who was searching for Jamie's smuggled booze earlier. He throws Ian around and discovers treasonous pamphlets. However, their tussle starts a fire that quickly spreads. Harry flees and Young Ian seems trapped in the print shop.

Jamie Goes Into The Fire - Jamie isn't letting Ian die. Though the stairs are on fire, he jumps over the bannister to get to the shop floor. He saves the picture of his son William and throws Young Ian over his shoulder. He makes it out just in time.

Jamie's Other Wife - At the end of the episode, Jamie and Claire have to take Young Ian back to Lallybroch. Jamie tells Fergus that Balriggan is miles away from his home, and Fergus has a sudden realization. "The lady does not yet know about your other wife?" he asks. Jamie just hasn't gotten around to explaining that minor detail yet.

"Outlander" Season 3 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EDT on Starz.

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