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5NINE Announces; New Open Source WML Browser for Bringing WAP to Linux.

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SAN JOSE, Calif.-(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 14, 2000--5NINE, the leading developer of Wireless Data Infrastructure (WIS/I) technology for Linux, today announced the launch of, an open source development project for creating a Wireless Markup Language (WML) Browser to work with all types of Linux environments.

Since Linux is already being used in a wide range of devices and architectures such as PDAs, smart cards, game consoles, watches, appliances and cell phones, it will require Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) client technology to make it an attractive alternative for wireless device hardware manufacturers.

"Taking into consideration the wide range of devices that will exist, Linux will make a perfect choice as an operating system for them. The GPL license allows any hardware manufacturer to modify Linux for the target system," said Boris Kuschel, Chief Technology Officer of 5NINE. " will provide them with even more incentive to use Linux with their wired or wireless devices."

WML is the language used in the WAP as a markup language for devices with tight resource constraints, but not limited to, memory, bandwidth and screen size.

The WML Browser will be a full-featured WAP client with support for secure and unsecure connection oriented and connectionless modes. A scalable architecture will make it ideal for all sorts of devices through GUI toolkit abstraction and support for various transports including Bluetooth, IPv4, IPv6 and others.

Other features will include:

-- User Agent Profiles (UAP) support (phones, PDAs, appliances)

-- Pluggable content interface (WML, HTML, etc.)

-- 100% WML 1.2.1 compliant (all mandatory and optional features)

-- SSL Support (HTTPS)

-- Gateway discovery and support for multiple WAP Gateways

-- Security and certification configuration

-- Byte code caching

-- Scalable and customizable interface for different devices

-- Ability to run under tight resource constraints

"A good WML Browser is the Netscape of the future," said Martin Dumas, president of 5NINE. "Currently the Internet uses HTTP as its most popular data transport protocol, but if there are going to be more wireless devices accessing the Internet than wired, it will be replaced by WAP."

In order to ensure the success of the WML Browser project and Linux in the wireless data space, 5NINE has decided to GPL the source code. Details about the project and how to contribute can be found at

About 5NINE

Founded by ITPS Group, 5NINE's mission is to create a wireless data infrastructure through its WIS/I technology that will allow corporations and wireless telephony carriers to have direct access to their customer base by allowing for the very feature that made the Internet popular, the free flow of data. This will ensure end-to-end privacy and security, which will be growing concerns for the wireless Internet of the future. 5NINE software will eliminate the current barrier that exists between the wired and wireless Internets by opening up the WAP to the wired Internet. 5NINE's head office is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Additional information about 5NINE can be found at

About ITPS Group

Founded in February 1999, ITPS Group is a Linux software development firm. Since its incorporation, ITPS provides consulting services to develop WAP technology-based solutions. ITPS is privately held by co-founders Martin Dumas and Boris Kuschel. Additional information about ITPS can be found at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 14, 2000
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