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57th Annual Conference photo highlights.

Jeff Friedman of KPMG and State and Local Tax Committee Chair Barbara Barton of Electronic Data Systems Corp. prepare for the state income tax modifications session.

Former IRS Commissioners Fred Goldberg, Jr. (left) and Larry Gibbs (right) joined former Commissioner Don Alexander (not pictured) for a special session on the successes and failures of the IRS reorganization.

Robin MacKnight of the Canadian Tax Foundation (far left) poses with TEI President Drew Glennie, Norman Loveland of Osier, Hoskin & Harcourt and TEI Executive Director Timothy McCormally at Tuesday's banquet. Osier Hoskin--a conference sponsor--hosted the dessert reception.

Audrey Diamant and W. Val Oveson of PricewaterhouseCoopers discuss provincial taxes and sales/use taxes.

Mark Weinberger (left) of Ernst & Young joined TEI Executive Director Timothy McCormally and others to discuss the implications of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

TEI Tax Counsel Greg Matson takes notes during the E-Commerce Coordinating Committee meeting. Also pictured are Monika Siegmund of Shell Canada and Carol Felepchuck of IBM Canada.

Lynn Jordan of Susquehanna Pfaltzgraff Co. moderates the Corporate Tax Management session, "The Changing Landscape of Corporate Accountability."

2002-2003 TEI President Drew Glennie (left) accepts his plaque from 2001-2002 President Bob Ashby.

(left to right) Timothy and Judy McCormally, Chuck and Jo Shewbridge, Reg and Doreen Kowalchuk, Drew and Jean Glennie, Raoul and Therese Gratton, Peggy and Tom Nee. Messrs. Shewbridge, Kowalchuk, Gratton, and Nee were honored at the banquet.

From left: TEI General Counsel & Director of Tax Affairs Fred Murray, TEI President Drew Glennie, Deputy Minister of the Canadian Department of Finance Kevin Lynch, and TEI Executive Director Timothy McCormally just prior to Mr. Lynch's keynote address.

Assistant Treasury Secretary for Tax Policy Pam Olson addressed the conference at the Monday luncheon.

Federal Tax Chair Mitch Trager of Georgia-Pacific Corporation and Handy Hevener of Baker & McKenzie.

Carol Conjura of KPMG discusses recent tax accounting developments.

Charles Rossotti delivers his final keynote address as IRS Commissioner; he retired in November.

1991-1992 TEI President Reg Kowalchuk (left) receives an Honorary membership from current President Drew Glennie.

1999-2000 President Chuck Shewbridge, III (left) receives his Honorary Membership at the Tuesday night banquet.

1987-1988 President Tom Nee receives his Honorary Membership from Drew Glennie.

TEI President Drew Glennie (left) presents J. Raoul Gratton, Jr. with the President's Award.

Monday's Head Table: (back row, left to right) Bob McDonough, Timothy McCormally, Neil Traubenberg, Fred Murray, and Steve Boocock. (front row) Deb Lange, Ray Rossi, Assistant Treasury Secretary Para Olson, President Drew Glennie, Judy Zelisko, and Lisa Norton.
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Publication:Tax Executive
Date:Nov 1, 2002
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