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56 physician leaders earn CPE certification.

A large cohort of 56 physician executives were named as Certified Physician Executives after attending the February's CPE Tutorial in Tampa, Florida. Congratulations to the new CPEs!

* Fortune Alabi, MD, MBA, CPE

* Asghar Ali, MD, CPE

* Mohammed A. Allaw, MD, CPE

* Hasan AlShabanah, MD, CPE

* Matha S. Arun, MD, MSPH, MBA, CPE

* Donald Atkinson, MD, MMM, BSc, CPE

* Melissa V. Avery, MD, MMM, FAAFP, CPE

* Andrew R. Baron, MD, MBA, CPE

* Melodie G. Blacklidge, MD, CPE

* David P. Blake, MD, MPH, FACS, CPE

* Steven Dale Boggs, MD, MBA, CPE

* William R. Brandon, MD, MHA, M PH, CPE

* Joseph R. Brown, MD, MBA, CPE

* Matthew A. Brown, MD, CPE

* J. Scott Calder, MD, FACS, CPE

* Seshadri Shekar ChakravarthiMD, MMM, CPE

* Joseph M. Cozzolino, MD, MBA, CPE

* James T. Craig Jr., MD, MBA, CPE

* David Harry Donigian MD, MBA, CPE

* Daniel M. Duncanson MD, CPE

* Kristin E. Edwards MD, CPE

* David W. Engleking Sr. MD, CPE

* Moin Fikree, MD, CPE

* Jerrold N. Flyer, MD, MBA, CPE

* Robert Charles Goldszer MD, MBA, CPE

* Nabil G. Guirguis, MD, MSCR, CPE

* Peter J. Gurk, MD, CPE

* Richard D. Guthrie, MD, CPE

* Michael R. Handler, MD, MMM, CPE

* Matthew L. Hanley MD, CPE

* Owen R. Heisler, MD, MBA, FACS, FRCSC, MSc, CPE

* Thomas L. Heleotis, MD, CPE

* Divya-Devi Joshi MD, CPE

* Gregory A. Kennebeck, MD, CPE

* Rom M. Kopparthi, MD, CPE

* Christopher A. Landess, MD, MBA, CPE

* Peter Michael Levine, MD, MMM, CPE

* Scot M.Lewey, DO, FAAP, FACP, FACOP, CPE

* Blake Lollis, MD, MPH, CPE

* Donald R. Lurye, MD, MMM, CPE

* Jeffrey E. Middeldorf, DO, MS, CPE

* Glenn J. Milos, DO, MPH, JD, MBA, CPE

* James H. Mooney, MD, CPE

* Steve Okhravi, MD, MBA, CPE

* Jay R. Osborne, MD, CPE

* Kyung W. Park, MD, MBA, MS, CPE

* James D. Polk, DO, MS, FACOEP, CPE

* David L. Reese, MD, CPE

* Francis Sanchez, MD, CPE

* Christopher G. Scharenbrock, MD, CPE

* IraL.Siegman,MD, CPE

* Ralph Nicholas Terpolilli, MD, MBA, CPE

* William A. Thomas, MD, MPH, CPE

* Peter M. Valenzuela, MD, MBA, CPE

* William N. Wang, MD, MPH, CPE

* Marc B. Westle, DO, FACP, CPE

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Date:May 1, 2009
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