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55th Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences, Hull University Business School, Hull, UK, July 17-22, 2011 (with Preconference Workshops held July 16-17).


All together now--working across disciplines: People, principles and practice

In 1956, Kenneth Boulding, in his Skeleton of Science, wrote about the need for increasingly complex methods and approaches for managing ever-increasing levels of complex systems. In 1990, Julie Klein wrote of "a subtle restructuring of knowledge", changing "the way we think about the way we think" and yet, after all these years, although intuitively it may be recognized that more than any single discipline is needed to address complex systems, there is still ambiguity about the principles and processes of transdisciplinary systemic working and the capabilities and skills needed to do so.

"All together now--working across disciplines: people, principles and practice", is the theme of the 55th meeting of the ISSS. We have learnt, that although academic rigour benefits from being razor-sharp in concept and thinking, transdisciplinary systemic practice benefits from the possibility to tap into a large portfolio of different and sometimes contrasting models, methods and instruments. The quest for successful holistic applications highlights the necessity to work across disciplines and to unite the different systemic schools and disciplines and to develop the people skills and capabilities for doing so. "All together now" shall be an invitation to explore the conditions for the possibility to improve and increase systemic applications and the performance for contemporary and future challenges in business, politics, project management and education--to name but a few.

These complex 'messy' issues require acknowledgement and commitment to the advantages of transdisciplinary research and practice while also exploring and debating the problems experienced by the people involved in this research, and the issues inherent in the development of the theory and practice of our approaches. We encourage those interested in attending the conference to submit an abstract for a full paper or poster, or organize a workshop or other event, and begin working with us in creating this important event.


The 2011 Conference of the International Society for Systems Sciences will be hosted by Hull University Business School, one of the top Business Schools in the UK, and home to one of the oldest teaching departments in Management Systems and the Centre for Systems Studies. The Business School is located in a newly-refurbished interlinked set of red brick buildings at the University of Hull, on Cottingham Road in Hull, UK.

The City of Kingston upon Hull is about 35 miles due east from York, and 200 miles north of London. It is easily reached from several major airports (London Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead and Luton), Manchester, Leeds and Humberside. Trains and buses from these airports to Hull are easily accessible. Further details about transportation will be posted shortly on the Travel page of the conference webpages.

We look forward to seeing you in Hull.

Dr Jennifer Wilby, President 2010-11

Dr Louis Klein, VP for Conferences and Membership 2010-11

For Important Dates and submission details please see the conference website or contact the organiser.

Social Programs

There will be a welcome reception on Sunday evening, July 17, following workshops to be held on July 16-17. The conference banquet will be held on Thursday, July 21.

Further information regarding conference registration, paper submission, accommodation and travel is available on the website at: http://isss. org/world/2011_Hull_UK or from Dr Jennifer Wilby at

DOI: 10.1002/sres.1098
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Date:Jul 1, 2011
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