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54th Dornbirn Man-Made Fibers Congress (DORNBIRN-MFC) - 16 to 18 September 2015, Communicating the Future of Man-made Fibers.

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Innovation, cooperation, an open dialogue and sustainable investments are necessary to meet global competition. Massive geopolitical changes along with incalculably high volatilities in the financial and raw materials markets constitute enormous challenges to the flexibility of businesses in all economic sectors. More than ever before, innovation and cooperation throughout the value-added chain remain the factors that spell success, even in difficult times.

Over the last few years Dornbirn-MFC has developed into a global brand, witness not only the growing number of participants but also their international background.

Following the traditional opening of the Conference by the Managing Director, Friedrich Weninger, and the President of the AUSTRIAN-MFI, Robert van de Kerkhof, and words of welcome on the part of Karlheinz Rudisser of the Vorarlberg Provincial Government, the meeting did feature the following plenary lectures:

CIRFS / Meiercord: "The European chemical fibre industry - global overcapacities and other challenges" - The paper did review the global situation, the strengths of European industry and the challenge of overcapacities.

Form TL, Ingenieure fur Tragwerk und Leichtbau / Schmid: "Innovative supporting frameworks and building shells" - The paper did present visionary designs covering issues such as building physics, statics and sustainability as well as shapes, colours and light effects.

Wood K plus Competence Centre for Wood /Stern, Hesser: " Forest, wood and fibres from the angle of sustainability and communication" - Wood as the material of the future a holistic approach to life-cycle analysis .

Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin / Macho: "Non-destructive innovation Guilt, debts and the Utopian idea of emancipation". A most exciting lecture that throws a new and different light on economics and economic activity.

The PAUL SCHLACK / WILHELM ALBRECHT AWARD 2015 goes to Dr. Wilhelm Steinmann, Institut fur Textiltechnik der RWTH Aachen (G) for his paper "Electrically conductive fibers from nanocomposites", while the HONORARY AWARD is conveyed upon Dr. Klaus Opwis, Deutsches Textilforschungszentrum Nord-West Krefeld (G) for his work on "Innovative textiles for the recovery of noble metals".

More than 100 high-calibre presentations by international experts from industry and academic research make the Dornbirn-MFC a unique event.

Sustainability in its ecological, social and economic aspects forms the thematic starting point of this year's meeting. Subjects of seminal importance to the field of "ecology and health "all focus on this topic, which is sure to give rise to most interesting discussions.

Exciting innovations has been reported in the field of "Fiber and Filament Innovations (Bio)Polymers".

The Lenzing Group is among those who used the Dornbirn-MFC as a communication platform and driving force of innovation. Jointly with its close partners in the downstream textile processing stages Lenzing did make use of the conference to present most recent developments and insights in the field of cellulose fibre technology.

Outlook on the 55th Dornbirn-MFC, 20. 22. September 2016

Next year's Dornbirn-MFC will be devoted to the following focal points:

- Fibers and Textiles in Automotive

- Fibers for Nonwovens

- Fiber Innovations

- Finishing and Functional Additives

For 2016 Conference EDANA (International Association of the Nonwoven Industry) will be the sponsor for nonwovens and automotive applications. Pierre Wirtz, General Manager of EDANA, is looking forward to cooperating with Dornbirn FMC, since innovations in the fibre sector are key to the nonwoven industry and Dornbirn MFC is a strong partner supporting industry in the field of innovation.
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