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500 days since the first protest gathering of 'Justice for David' group.

Tomorrow will be 500 days since the citizens who are seeking the truth about the death of David Dragicevic from Banja Luka gathered for the first time.

An informal group of citizens 'Justice for David' announced that they would address the media at the place where it all began at the Krajina Square, symbolically at 12.05.

They will also visit the place where David was found, at the mouth of the Crkvena and Vrbas rivers.

Gatherings of the 'Justice for David' group began in Banja Luka on March 26, 2018, searching for the truth in case of the death of young man David Dragicevic from Banja Luka, who disappeared on March 18, 2018, and his lifeless body was found six days later at the mouth of the Crkvena and Vrbas rivers.

Family and members of the 'Justice for David' group claim he was killed and the case has not been solved yet.

At the request of his family, his remains were exhumed and moved to Austria on March 12, where they were buried three days later.

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Publication:Federalna Novinska Agencija (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Date:Aug 6, 2019
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