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50 judicial races decided; 13 headed to November runoffs.

After the August primaries, 39 circuit and 11 county judgeships were decided, while nine circuit and four county races move on to a November runoff.

Here are the circuit court runoffs:

* In the Fifth Circuit, Mary P. Hatcher (46.52 percent) will face Denise A. Dymond Lyn (21.34 percent) in a runoff for Seat 3. Judge Sandy K. Kautz (15.71 percent) and Milan "Bo" Samargya (16.42 percent) were eliminated.

* In the Seventh Circuit, Kathryn Diane Weston (45. 33 percent) and Adam Dale Warren (28.67 percent) move on to a runoff for Seat 20, eliminating Steven Neil DeLaroche (26 percent).

* In the 13th Circuit, Barbara Twine-Thomas (42.29 percent) and Carl Coy Hinson (32.91 percent) will face each other in a runoff for Seat 8, eliminating John Julius Dingfelder (24.81 percent). Robert Arthur Bauman (48.04 percent) and Melissa Polo (29.51) will meet in a runoff for Seat 34, eliminating Constance Daniels (22.45 percent).

* In the 16th Circuit, Bonnie Jean Helms (46.28 percent) will face James R. Bridges (30.68 percent) in a runoff, eliminating Judge Tegan Slaton (23.04 percent) for Seat 4.

* In the 17th Circuit, Rhoda Sokoloff (29.14 percent) will meet Dennis Daniel Bailey (27.44 percent) in a runoff for Seat 16, eliminating Russell Miller Thompson (22.01 percent) and Andrea Ruth Gundersen (21.41 percent).

* In the 18th Circuit, George Thomas Paulk (48.11) and Christina Sanchez (31.16) head to a runoff for Seat 13, eliminating Samuel Bookhardt III (20.73 percent). Susan Weindorf Stacy (42.09 percent) and Mitchel Brian Krause (35.07) move on to a runoff for Seat 19, eliminating Donna M. Goerner (22.84 percent). John W. Moser III (44.44 percent) will face Nancy Maloney (36.52 percent) in a runoff for Seat 23, eliminating Mauricio Arcadier (19.04 percent).

County races heading to a runoff include:

* In Broward, Ian Jason Richards (43.52 percent) will face Claudia Robinson (32.60 percent) in a November runoff for the Group 27 seat, eliminating Jonathan Kasen (23.87 percent).

* In Miami-Dade, Judge Jacqueline Schwartz (49.42 percent) will face Frank C. Bocanegra (31.08 percent) in a runoff for the Group 19 seat, eliminating Rachael Glorioso Dooley (19.50 percent).

* In Orange, Tina Caraballo (46.05 percent) will move on to a runoff against Judge Kenneth Alan Barlow (36.44 percent) for the Group 10 seat, eliminating Blaine McChesney (18.5 percent).

* In St. Lucie, Judge Kathryn Maxine Nelson (48.75 percent) moves on to a runoff against Albert B. Moore (21.63 percent), eliminating Leonard S. Villafranco (19.55 percent), and Roseanna Bronhard (10.07 percent) for the Group 4 seat.

Circuit Court

Here are the circuit court races that were decided in August:

* In the First Circuit, Jennie Marie Kinsey (58.84 percent) defeated Michelle Avignone Inere (41.16 percent) for Seat 22.

* In the Fourth Circuit, Michael Scott Sharrit (75.04 percent) defeated Anthony Paul Penoso (24.96 percent) for Seat 27.

* In the Sixth Circuit, Susan St. John (68.44 percent) defeated Laura Leigh Snell (31.56 percent) for Seat 1. Alicia Polk (52.28 percent) defeated Kenneth Webb Lark (30.46 percent) and Alan Scott Rosenthal (17.26 percent) for Seat 2. Kimberly Sharpe (53.55 percent) beat Brian Peter Battaglia (46.45 percent) for Seat 16. Philippe Matthey (54.54 percent) defeated Amanda Lea Colon (45.46 percent) for Seat 21. Judge Bruce Scott Boyer (69.84 percent) held on to his seat defeating Jon Newlon (30.16 percent) for Seat 35.

* In the Seventh Circuit, Karen Adams Foxman (63.77 percent) bested Steven Leslie Sands (36.23 percent) for Seat 18. Kellie Jo Killebrew (53.12 percent) defeated Judge Thomas G. Portuallo (46.88 percent) for Seat 23.

* In the Eighth Circuit, Judge William Elbridge Davis (81 percent) turned back challenger William Falik (19 percent) for Seat 11.

* In the Ninth Circuit, Kimberly Michele Shepard (59.93 percent) defeated Norberto Katz (40.07 percent) for Seat 10. Judge Margaret Helen Schreiber (66.71 percent) defeated Frank George (33.29 percent) for Seat 12. Elaine Agnes Barbour (69.21 percent) defeated Harold M. Bacchus (17.2 percent) and James T. Hetz (13.59 percent) for Seat 18. Kevin Brett Weiss (79.55 percent) beat Orle Barrington Burey (20.45 percent) for Seat 30. Diana Michelle Tennis (51.23 percent) defeated Patricia L. Strowbridge (48.77 percent)for Seat 32. Judge Heather Pinder Rodriguez (61.94 percent) defeated Roger Scott (38.06) for Seat 33. Judge Janet Claire Thorpe (69.75 percent) beat Bradford D. Fisher (30.25 percent) for Seat 35. Judge Scott David Polodna (64.94 percent) outpolled Eugene Anthony Feliciani (35.06 percent) for Seat 37.

* In the 10th Circuit, Larry Stephen Helms (57.57 percent) defeated E. Taylor Davidson (42.43 percent) for Seat 16.

* In the 11th Circuit, Stephen Thomas Millan (65.43 percent) defeated Thomas Aquinas Cobitz (34.57 percent) for Seat 16. Judge Rodney Smith (62.82 percent) bested Christian Carrazana (37.18 percent) for Seat 26. Alberto Milian (57.85 percent) beat Mary

C. Gomez (42.15 percent) for Seat 27. Martin Glenn Zilber (50.76 percent) defeated Oscar M. Rodriguez-Fonts (49.24 percent) for Seat 58. Mavel Ruiz (54.44 percent) defeated Judge Fleur Jeannine Lobree (45.56 percent) for Seat 67. Veronica Diaz (56.68 percent) defeated Renier David Diaz de la Portilla 43.32 percent) for Seat 70.

* In the 12th Circuit, Susan Bueme Maulucci (59.32 percent) bested Arthur Edward Jackman (40.68 percent) for Seat 17.

* In the 13th Circuit, Michael Joseph Scionti (64.71 percent) defeated Michael John Brannigan (35.29 percent) for Seat 19. Laura E. Ward (51.18 percent) defeated Karen Lynn Stanley (48.82 percent) for Seat 20.

* In the 14th Circuit, Judge James B. Fensom (51.37 percent) held his seat against Shalene Grover (30.98 percent) and Gerard Matthew Virga, Jr., (17.64 percent) for Seat 10.

* In the 15th Circuit, Jessica Jacqueline Ticktin (54.44 percent) defeated Judge Diana Lewis (45.56 percent) for Seat 14. Jaimie Randall Goodman (54.94 percent) beat Peggy Ann Rowe-Linn (28.3 percent) and Maxine D. Cheesman (16.76 percent) for Seat 30.

* In the 16th Circuit, Judge Mark Howard Jones (63.93 percent) defeated Donald Charles Barrett (36.07) percent for Seat 1.

* In the 17th Circuit, Judge Lynn Dena Rosenthal (56.28 percent) defeated F. Jahra McLawrence (43.72 percent) for Seat 8. Stacey Schulman (55.19 percent) beat Julie Shapiro Harris (44.81 percent) for Seat 17. John Patrick Contini (51.45 percent) defeated Judge Steven Brian Feren (48.55 percent) for Seat 27.

* In the 18th Circuit, Robin Calfee Lemonidis (62.12 percent) defeated Brooke M. Deratany Goldfarb (37.88 percent) for Seat 14.

* In the 19th Circuit, Michael Carlton Heisey (53.62 percent) defeated Steven Ziskinder (46.38 percent) for Seat 4.

* In the 20th Circuit, Mary C. Evans (55.42 percent) defeated Robert Joseph Branning (44.58 percent) for Seat 3. Judge Amy Rebecca Hawthorne (69.93) defeated Steven S. Leskovich (30.07 percent) for Seat 16.

County Court

Here are the county court races that were decided in August:

* In Alachua, Susanne Wilson Bullard (60.56 percent) defeated AuBroncee Martin (39.44) for the Group 4 seat

* In Brevard, Judge Michelle Vitt Baker (64.07 percent) defeated Minerva Simpson (35.93 percent) for the Group 3 seat. Judge Benjamin Behnam Garagozlo (65.05 percent) beat Oscar Hotusing (34.95) for the Group 8 seat.

* In Broward, Judge Ellen Meg Feld (65.99 percent) defeated Mark William Rickard (34.01 percent) for the Group 18 seat. Judge

* In Collier, Judge Robert L. Crown (79.04 percent) defeated Sal Bazaz (20.96 percent) for the Group 4 seat.

* In Dixie, Jennifer J. Ellison (50.22 percent) defeated Judge Cynthia S. Munkittrick (49.78 percent).

* In Hillsborough, Judge Chris Nash (65.16 percent) defeated Norman S. Cannela, Jr., (34.84 percent) for the Group 12 seat.

* In Lake, Judge Terry T. Neal (69.10 percent) beat Daniel David Archer (30.90 percent).

* In Miami-Dade, Victoria Ferrer (63.69 percent) defeated Judge Nuria Saenz (36.31 percent) for the Group 36 seat.

* In Orange, Brian Duckworth (64.97 percent) defeated Will Jay (35.03 percent) for the Group 15 seat.

* In Seminole, Judge Jerri Lynn Collins (51.05 percent) turned back challenges by Alex Finch (25.64 percent) and Sandra Rivera (23.32 percent) for the Group 6 seat.

* In Volusia, Angela Dempsey (59.3 percent) defeated Judge Peter Anthony Duncan McGlashan (40.07 percent) for the Group 10 seat.

Doris Maffei of the Bar's Public Information Department assisted in developing this report.

By Mark D. Killian

Managing Editor
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