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50 for fun.

Byline: Phil Brown's trivia quiz

1A Which pair of words in modern English 1 come from Anglo-Saxon words meaning "loaf-keeper" and "loaf-kneader"?

2According to Norfolk Police, what unusual passenger did they find in the back seat when they stopped a Mini Metro suspected of being involved in an accident?

3 Danish supermodel Helena Christensen is a notable fan of which food - even saying that the most important things in life are "sex and..."?

4 After beating two former world number ones in the Nasdaq-100 Open this week, to which German qualifier did Tim Henman lose in the next round?

5 Which two players scored in Arsenal's 2-0 defeat of Juventus on Tuesday?

6 Paul Newman starred in the film Sweet Bird Of Youth - based on whose play?

7 As revealed this week, how much did England's flop of a Six Nations campaign cost the Rugby Football Union in lost revenue?

8 On Through The Night, Pyromania and Hysteria are albums from which Sheffield-formed heavy rock group?

9 In the Melbourne Commonwealth Games, in what position did next host nation India come in the final medals table?

10 Which Welsh snooker player beat Scotland's John Higgins to take the China Open - his first title for nearly three years?

11 Regarded as a great English novelist, he I did not set foot in this country until the age of 20 and his father was a Polish revolutionary exiled to northern Russia - which writer?

12 In which country is Johan Huibers building a one-fifth-sized scale model of Noah's Ark, in which he intends to sail with farm animals?

13 How many gladiators, in total, do scholars believe were given the thumbs down by the emperor Nero in the Colosseum?

14 which country is 2003 Bruce Willis film Tears Of The Sun set?

15 In which country much in the news has the four-month-old Kadima party become the largest in parliament this week?

16 Which European city is capital of the Lazio region?

17 In which year (20 either way) did Friedrich Bessel determine that 61 Cygni was 11 light years away - the first star (other than the Sun) to have its distance measured?

18 The small town of Keflavik is near the the international airport of which country?

19 "Speak softly and carry a big stick" originally a West African proverb - was popularised by which US president?

20 What important product was made from the roots of the Russian dandelion and the Texan guayule shrub when the usual source was lost to the Allies during World War II?

21 Which chart-topping 1970s group was founded by drummer Maurice White?

22 Which major country at first named Vera Cruz took its modern name from a valuable red dyewood that grows there?

23 The BBC is currently trying to halt the eBay sale of badges from which long-running programme?

24 Which trickster figure was popularised by the writings of Joel

Chandler Harris?

25 The renowned Polish author of twice-filmed SF novel Solaris has just died aged 84 - what was his name?

26 What kind of engine designed to fly at seven times the speed of sound has just been successfully (if briefly) tested with the flight of Hyshot III at Woomera?

27 Which 1986 British film brought together Bob Hoskins, Cathy Tyson, Michael Caine and Robbie Coltrane?

28 The Wales Millennium Centre took just four hours to sell out of tickets for which classical work to be staged over four days from November 30? "

29 Many pundits are tipping Carrie Ford to do well on Forest Gunner in the coming Grand National - what is the highest place achieved by a woman jockey in the race to date?

30 The Deccan Traps - a prehistoric volcanic outpouring two kilometres thick and covering 500,000 square kilometres - are in which country?

31 To which continent is the peanut or groundnut native?

32 Scientist Sir James Dewar was the first to liquefy and freeze hydrogen and helped develop the explosive cordite - but what useful household object did he invent?

33 The Meridian Gate and Hall of Supreme Harmony are among the notable features of the Forbidden City - in which modern capital?

34 As what did Jean Antoine Watteau become famous in the 18th century?

35 Menaechmi, by Plautus, is best remembered today for providing the story for which Shakespeare play?

36 which city can you find the 17th-century Ashmolean museum?

37 What kind of creature is the wels, which can weigh more than 600lb?

38 Which baseball legend's nicknames included The Yankee Clipper?

39 Zabriskie Point, A Time For Killing, The Conversation and American Graffiti were early films in which star's career?

40 In which year were 500,000 acres of pine forest flattened in the Tunguska region of Siberia by an extraterrestrial object vaporising in the atmosphere at an estimated 60,000mph?

41 Which word for a detective comes from an old word used to describe a tracking dog?

42 Which warrior elite lived by the code of bushido?

43 Which light two-wheeler horse-drawn cab took its name from its inventor's surname (he also designed Birmingham Town Hall)?

44 George Bernard Shaw once wrote to a newspaper objecting to what he called a national "rapture of mourning" following whose death?

45 Romney, Southdown and Corriedale are breeds of which domesticated animal?

46 Queen Anne's Bounty was formerly given to the poorest-paid members of which profession?

47 In which country's legendary history did the Milesians wipe out the


48 A ship sailing due west from Land's End would make its first landfall on which island?

49 The powerful ruler Manco Capac was the founder of which New World dynasty?

50 Caustic American writer H L Mencken defined Puritanism as "the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be..."?


1 Lord and lady' 2 A Shetland pony' 3 Cheese' 4 Simon Greul' 5 Cesc Fabregas and Thierry Henry' 6 Tennessee Williams'' 7 pounds 1m' 8 Def Leppard' 9 Fourth' 10 Mark Williams' 11 Joseph Conrad' 12 The Netherlands' 13 None (it was built after his death)' 14 Nigeria' 15 Israel' 16 Rome' 17 In 1838' 18 Iceland' 19 Theodore Roosevelt' 20 Rubber' 21 Earth, Wind and Fire' 22 Brazil' 23 Blue Peter' 24 Brer Rabbit' 25 Stanislaw Lem' 26 The scramjet' 27 Mona Lisa' 28 Wagner's Ring Cycle' 29 Fifth' 30 India' 31 South America' 32 The vacuum/thermos flask' 33 Beijing' 34 As a painter' 35 The Comedy of Errors' 36 Oxford' 37 A fish (freshwater catfish) 38 Joe DiMaggio' 39 Harrison Ford's' 40 In 1908' 41 Sleuth (-hound)' 42 The samurai' 43 The hansom' 44 Queen Victoria's (the paper didn't print it)' 45 Sheep' 46 The (Anglican) clergy' 47 Ireland's' 48 Newfoundland' 49 The Inca' 50 Happy


What's the food of love for supermodel Helena Christensen? See question 3
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