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50 for fun; Phil Brown's trivia quiz.

Byline: Phil Brown

1 Which is Europe's highest active volcano - thought to have been active for at least 2.5 million years?

2 Which much-loved National Hunt racehorse has just died at the age of 27?

3 From which continent do we get the extremely tough teak-substitute wood called iroko?

4 Justin Timberlake has been working with which long-running British pop group on their new album?

5 England's rugby union team has just equalled its least-wanted record by losing how many consecutive internationals?

6 After the US, Soviet Union and Britain, which country became the fourth to have its own nuclear weapons, in 1960?

7 Of which planet is the large body Iapetus a satellite?

8 Under what name does reggae artist Winston Rodney record?

9 Which woman tennis player took over the world No 1 spot and celebrated by winning the season-ending WTA Championships in Madrid on Sunday?

10 Bobby Locke is a great name from the past in which sport?

11 Which country this week halted all flights to Somalia, hitting the daily export of 20 tons of the stimulant khat?

12 Keyboard player Matthew Fisher is going to court to claim a share of the copyright in which legendary 1967 song?

13 Which global corporation has marked its rebranding by laying out its image, so big that it's visible from space, at the "Area 51" secret base beloved of UFO conspiracy theorists?

14 What kind of creatures are tanagers, found in the American tropics?

15 In which English county is the resort of Herne Bay?

16 Which US president gave a famous speech laying out his Four Freedoms?

17 Who played Major Anya Amasova in The Spy Who Loved Me?

18 The large island of Cape Breton is part of which country?

19 Particle physicist Christer Fuglesang is set to become the first astronaut from which nation with the launch of space shuttle Discovery next month?

20 Which TV show has seen a high-speed crash in filming between contestants Ms Dynamite, who was hospitalized, and ACDC member Brian Johnson?

21 The Dolly Sisters, Sweet Rosie O'Grady, Pin-Up Girl - which star actress?

22 Which Lowell Cunningham comic book series inspired a 1997 SF comedy film of the same name that made more than $250m worldwide?

23 Researchers at Rice University in Texas have used nanotechnology and magnetism to develop a way of getting which toxic metal out of drinking water?

24 Cassegrain, Newtonian and Nasmyth are types of what kind of scientific apparatus?

25 Which fictional US marshal did James Arness play on TV for 20 years?

26 In a small region of which European country can you still find Upper and Lower Sorbian spoken by tens of thousands of members of an ancient Slavic people?

27 The old unit of capacity called a peck is equal to how many gallons?

28 What surname should be added to these aristocratic writer and socialite sisters, Jessica Lucy, Nancy Freeman and Unity Valkyrie...?

29 Emil Jannings won the first Best Actor Oscar for two films: one of them can no longer be seen because all copies have been lost. What was it called?

30 Which English runner broke three world records in the space of 19 days in 1985?

31 At which Scottish club is Eugenijus Riabovas taking over from Eduard Malofeev as temporary head coach?

32 This man's 36 known signatures fetch huge prices because that's the lowest figure for any signer of the Declaration of Independence - what is his name?

33 Who is to replace Des Lynam as host of Channel 4 programme Countdown?

34 Which extinct reptile is thought to have been the largest-ever flying or gliding animal, with the biggest fossils indicating a wingspan of about 32 feet?

35 The only two Capes on the British mainland are virtually at opposite ends of the island - can you name them?

36 Which US comedian said that cricket was "baseball on Valium"?

37 Which banking family added hugely to their fortune by being the first in London to learn the result of the battle of Waterloo?

38 Which well-known Old Testament figure was born at Gath?

39 Simla was for 74 years the summertime capital of which British colonial possession?

40 Which word can mean either a thief's takings or a common architectural motif?

41 From which mountain range does the wind known as the zonda blow?

42 From which country does hit children's TV show Lazy Town, featuring hero Sportacus and adversary Robbie Rotten, originate?

43 In English, how many of the days of the week are named for Teutonic deities?

44 In which aquatic team sport invented in Britain in the late 19th century did Great Britain not surprisingly win four Olympic golds between 1900 and 1920?

45 The species Sus scrofa is the ancestor of which domesticated animal?

46 Of which country is Yerevan the capital city?

47 Which successful musician began his career in punk group The Vatican Commandos?

48 How many footballers have scored more than 20 goals for Wales (bonus point for naming them all)?

49 Which igneous rock takes its name from the Latin for purple?

50 Pop star Beyonce is pictured this week at a BBC Radio 1 Chart Show Live concert - in which resort was the concert held?


1 Mount Etna' 2 Desert Orchid' 3 Africa' 4 Duran Duran' 5 Seven' 6 France' 7 Saturn' 8 Burning Spear' 9 Justine Henin-Hardenne' 10 Golf' 11 Kenya' 12 A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Procol Harum)' 13 Kentucky Fried Chicken' 14 Birds' 15 Kent' 16 Franklin D Roosevelt' 17 Barbara Bach' 18 Canada' 19 Sweden' 20 The Race' 21 Betty Grable' 22 Men In Black' 23 Arsenic' 24 Telescopes' 25 Matt Dillon' 26 Germany' 27 Two' 28 Mitford' 29 The Way Of All Flesh' 30 Steve Cram' 31 Hearts' 32 Button Gwinnett' 33 Des O'Connor' 34 Pteranodon' 35 Cape Cornwall and Cape Wrath' 36 Robin Williams' 37 Rothschild' 38 Goliath' 39 India' 40 Swag' 41 The Andes' 42 Iceland' 43 Four (Tuesday to Friday)' 44 Water polo' 45 The pig' 46 Armenia' 47 Moby' 48 Four (Ian Rush, Ivor Allchurch, Trevor Ford and Dean Saunders)' 49 Porphyry' 50 Brighton.


Pop star Beyonce - but where is she performing? See question 50
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Date:Nov 16, 2006
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