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50 for fun; Phil Brown's trivia quiz.

Byline: Phil Brown's

1 Which golfer has just missed his first cut in the 39th major he has entered as a professional?

2 The Rub Al'Khali or Empty Quarter is an immense uninhabited region on the map of which country?

3 In football's World Cup, which player scored twice in Argentina's 6-0 demolition of Serbia and Montenegro?

4 As what was the ancient Athenian Praxiteles renowned?

5 In what part of the body would you find the stapes or stirrup bone?

6 Which player ended Tim Henman's run in the semi-finals of the Stella Artois Queens Club tournament last week?

7 Which group's two UK chart-topping albums were International Velvet and Equally Cursed And Blessed?

8 What (doubtless inevitable) nickname was given to the US Strategic Defense Initiative?

9 There were two famous composers of waltzes called Johann Strauss - how were they related?

10 What is the other common name for the creature called a scaly anteater?

11 Which entertainment programme first broadcast in 1964 will see its last-ever show on July 30?

12 Which comedy outfit had a hit with I'm Walking Backwards For Christmas - in the summer of 1956?

13 A 15-pound tabby cat in New Jersey made worldwide news this month when pictured treeing which much, much larger animal?

14 Dooley Wilson had to fake his famous piano turn in Rick's Bar in the film Casablanca because he was not a pianist - what kind of musician was he in real life?

15 Pan Tadeusz is a key work in which major European nation's literature?

16 Which two senior British politicians have just been in a slightly peculiar spat about whether they sat in the stands or corporate boxes during the England-Sweden World Cup game?

17 Which well-known SF/horror film was released in Poland under the title The Eighth Passenger Of The Nostromo?

18 Andy Nicholson is officially no longer the bassist of which leading young British rock group?

19 Which radio station has just been fined a record pounds 175,000 by watchdogs for prank calls that seriously overstepped the mark?

20 Who composed the harpsichord variations later nicknamed The Harmonious Blacksmith?

21 Who based the schoolboy stories Stalky And Co on his education at the United Services College at Westward Ho! in Devon?

22 Portrait Of Adele Blochbauer I has just been bought by a New York gallery for $135m - who painted it?

23 Guitar legend Jimi Hendrix was, oddly, the first artist to enter the UK singles charts with Fifties rock classic Johnny B Goode - true or false?

24 The Rt Rev Katharine Jefferts Schori has just become the first woman primate in the Anglican communion - heading which church?

25 Which major part of a western European country has just voted to adopt a Statute of Autonomy defining itself as a nation?

26 In cycling, which is more recent - a French winner of the Tour de France or a NON-Italian winner of the Giro d'Italia?

27 England's rugby union team has now lost its last five Tests - its worst losing sequence since which year?

28 Of which Californian town was actor Clint Eastwood mayor for two years?

29 In which sport are Miami Heat currently contesting a championship series with the Dallas Mavericks?

30 In which Shakespeare play does night-constable Dogberry appear?

31 In British imperial times, the Cape Doctor was a refreshing wind that blew on convalescing Britons - at which cape?

32 Anahuac was a New World territory now part of which Latin American country?

33 Which film role was rejected by Jeremy Irons, Robert Duvall and Gene Hackman before Anthony Hopkins made it his own?

34 Which bird was sometimes called the Old Maid, from the folk myth that spinsters were turned into it when they died?

35 Taking the office of Bailiff of the Chiltern Hundreds is a time-honoured device to leave which job from which one cannot legally resign?

36 A mouflon is a small wild kind of which domesticated animal?

37 What would (mostly upper-class) people once have done with a gibus?

38 Which English racecourse has a history of horse racing going back to 1539 - when it replaced football matches that had become too violent?

39 The village of Godstow was the destination for the original rowing expedition that inspired Alice in Wonderland - but its Trout Inn is associated with which fictional detective both in print and on TV?

40 According to the Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy, the name of which European country is the rudest word in the galaxy?

41 This leading racing driver became the most successful US fighter pilot of World War I: Edward Vernon "Fast Eddie"...?

42 Mount Tambora, which lost the top kilometer of its height in its disastrous eruption of 1815, is in which country?

43 In nautical terms, a growler is a small kind of what hazard?

44 Thomas Jerome Newton was the name of David Bowie's character in which film?

45 Early film entrepreneur Adolph Zukor merged Famous Players with which studio in 1915?

46 Which musical instrument's name is thought to derive from the Latin for "sweet melody"

47 Which TV family's address was 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Mockingbird Heights?

48 In Germany, what would you be expected to do with stollen?

49 The "dum dum" soft-pointed bullet was developed by Captain Bertie Clay in the 1890s - Dum Dum being a suburb of which city?

50 In this week's picture, top model Jodie Kidd can be seen at the return of which elite racing meet to its traditional course after a pounds 150m upgrade?


1 Tiger Woods' 2 Saudi Arabia' 3 Maxi Rodriguez' 4 As a sculptor' 5 The (middle) ear' 6 Lleyton Hewitt' 7 Catatonia's' 8 Star Wars' 9 Father and son' 10 Pangolin' 11 Top Of The Pops' 12 The Goons' 13 A black bear' 14 A drummer' 15 Poland's' 16 Gordon Brown and David Cameron' 17 Alien' 18 The Arctic Monkeys' 19 Kiss 100 FM' 20 Handel' 21 Rudyard Kipling' 22 Gustav Klimt' 23 True (in 1972)' 24 The Episcopal Church in the US' 25 Catalonia' 26 Non-Italian Giro winner (in 1996)' 27 1984' 28 Carmel' 29 Basketball' 30 Much Ado About Nothing' 31 The Cape of Good Hope' 32 Mexico' 33 Hannibal Lecter' 34 The lapwing' 35 MP' 36 Sheep' 37 Worn it (collapsible top hat for opera use)' 38 Chester' 39 Inspector Morse' 40 Belgium' 41 Rickenbacker' 42 Indonesia' 43 Iceberg' 44 The Man Who Fell To Earth' 45 Paramount' 46 Dulcimer' 47 The Munsters' 48 Eat it (rich fruit and nut loaf)' 49 Calcutta' 50 Royal Ascot.


Where was model Jodie Kidd when this picture was taken? See question 50
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