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 BETHESDA, Md., July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital Directory Assistance, Inc. (DDA), publisher of the PhoneDisc product line, announced today that its summer 1993 update attains a dramatic new level of accuracy and currency in CD-ROM telephone directories. The summer update, which began shipping on Friday, July 16, contains 90-plus million residential and business listings. The additional listings, which include 50 percent more household coverage than past editions, make PhoneDisc products a powerful alternative to printed phone books.
 DDA's President, Claude Schoch, stated: "The inclusion of data from a new supplier makes PhoneDisc data quality far superior in its currency and number of listings. Although other telephone directory products offer 60-70 million listings, only DDA's compression technology allows 90+ million listings on only five compact discs. Anyone who has been disappointed in the past with the coverage of CD-ROM telephone directories will want to take a look at this update."
 DDA's new residential data supplier, Database America, is one of the country's leading compilers of business and residential listings. DDA is already using Database America listings for their "PhoneDisc USA Business" product. PhoneDisc Business contains 9.5 million business listings indexed by name, type of business, address and telephone number.
 Those most likely to benefit from the increased coverage include business and home users, library patrons, police departments, private detectives, credit agencies, real estate agents, and reunion specialists. Unlike traditional printed directories or directory assistance services offered by telephone companies, DDA's powerful search engine has always allowed nationwide searching even when the city was not known. Now, DDA's expanded pool of names will allow more users to find more of the individuals they seek.
 This is particularly appealing to Linda M. Futato, vice president- marketing: "It's amazing the number of calls we receive from private investigators and individuals who have located lost relatives, friends and even old sweethearts," she said. "It's not uncommon for sons or daughters to find a father or mother who they had never seen--someone who had been out of touch for 15 or 20 years!"
 The additional listings and accuracy will prove a boon for business related activities as well. Companies looking to reduce directory assistance bills, banks verifying loan applications, real estate agents looking for expired listings, collection agencies conducting skip tracings, and government agencies involved in child support enforcement will find a substantial increase in the number of hits they obtain with the new data.
 Thanks to the proliferation of CD-ROM drives in businesses and homes, the additional data has not brought an increase in PhoneDisc prices. PhoneDisc USA Residential, with 80-plus million residential records on a two-disc set, costs only $99. PhoneDisc USA Business, with 9.5 million business records on a single disc set, costs only $99. And PhoneDisc Reverse, a five disc set with 90-plus million records and extended search capability on residential data, currently costs only $349.
 -0- 7/29/93
 /NOTE: PhoneDisc is a registered trademark./
 /CONTACT: Linda M. Futato, vice president-marketing, Digital Directory Assistance, 301-657-8548/

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Date:Jul 29, 1993

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