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5-year jail term for two over sexual assault on teenager.

Summary: DUBAI -- Two men were sentenced to five-year imprisonment on Sunday as they were found guilty of molesting and sodomising a teenager after confining him in the house of one of them.

DUBAI -- Two men were sentenced to five-year imprisonment on Sunday as they were found guilty of molesting and sodomising a teenager after confining him in the house of one of them.

The Court of First Instance presided by judge Fahmi Mounir Fahmi also ordered that the civil case be referred to the relevant court.

According to court records, the two Emirati men, including a television transmission supervisor (absconder) and a police corporal, both aged 25, sexually assaulted the 17-year-old Iraqi schoolboy after they lured him to the policeman's house where they later confined him. They forced themselves on him after threatening to hurt and mutilate him with a stick. The incident happened in the policeman's place in Al Twaar in Al Qusais on January 26, last year.

They were both charged with illegal confinement of a juvenile with the use of force and threat, molestation, 
forced sodomy and threat to commit a crime.

The Iraqi teenager told the prosecutors that the first defendant --the television staff-- called and told him to meet at a game hall in Abu Hail. He promised to play with him, have dinner and bring him a gift for he had passed the exams.

There, the first defendant met the policeman--the second accused. He asked him about an exhaust pipe and the police corporal said that he had it at his place. The first defendant said he would go there after he knew that none was at the corporal's place.

The teenager went along heading to the corporal's place in Al Twaar.

"I went with them after the first defendant told me that he would take me for dinner later," the teenager said.

In his statement during the investigation, he said that the television staff entered his accomplice's room with him (the teenager) and told the corporal to lock it from outside. There, he took off his traditional dress and told the teenager to do likewise.

When the Iraqi knew about his intention to sodomise him he started to cry and beg him to leave him. The defendant then brandished a hummer-like stick, the top of which was sharp and metallic.The teenager kissed the man's feet and hands but the man would not leave him alone. He threatened to mutilate him with the stick and not return him home if he did not succumb to his demands. The teenager pushed him away and tried to open the door in vain. Then the defendant pulled him back towards the bed.

Then the corporal entered the room and told him not to scream anymore and do as they wanted. He threatened to assault him and smash his parents' cars.

The first defendant then hit the teenager with a jar on his head and said he would open his head if he did not obey. Then he gave up. They both took turns on molesting and sodomising him as they threatened him with the stick.

They both told him later not to tell anybody about what they did to him. They told him to forget everything about what happened or they 
would burn his house with his family inside. He informed his parents and they went to Al Qusais police post about 3.30am that day. The police arrested the corporal around noon the following day. --

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Publication:Khaleej Times (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Date:Mar 27, 2011
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