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5-, 10-, 15-kw TQG contactors for free.

If you have a 5-, 10-or 15-kW tactical quiet generator (TQG), it may have a faulty K1 contactor, NSN 6110-01-367-8921. If the contactor fails, there's no power output to the load terminals. Faulty contactors have a brown label with AM ETEK printed on it. Look for the MFG DATE (date of manufacture) on the label. The first number is the week, and the second number is the year. Contactors with MFG DATES from 40/10 through 13/11 have been identified as potentially faulty. If you have a faulty K1 contactor, get a replacement free of charge by contacting CECOM LCMCs Nicole Archibald at DSN 648-4757, (443) 395-4757, or email:
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