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5 swing tips to create extra power and distance.

There are diverse ways to increase your power and distance. One method to help you create extra distance often contradicts another geared towards longer distance. The final choice is yours. Typically, most swing tips you are sticking to are both true and false. Most swing keys you uphold, for sure, have advantages and disadvantages. Often, even trivial words you can easily make light of are critical to hitting long shots. Try out these swing tips to create extra power and distance.

Don't force longer distance

Avoid swinging your club with every ounce of strength in your body. Try toning down your power to 85 or 90 percent of your maximum capacity. This helps you enjoy a fluid swing and hit your ball solidly on the sweet spot. You will have greater control of your club. You will increase your swing speed to the full without losing your balance. Also, you will release your club at a timely moment.

Using brute strength, you will rarely swing your club on the proper plane, let alone speed up your club to your maximum.

Don't use brute strength to hit your ball longer. Swing your club fluidly so you can hit your ball on the sweet spot, without losing your balance. Your instinct may say you need to hit hard with brute force. But it just plays havoc with your ability to hit your ball far to your satisfaction.

Extend your right arm fully as you whack your ball

To hit your ball longer, you need to keep your right elbow folded and pointed straight down roughly waist-high on the downswing. Focus on straightening your right elbow through impact. This properly allows you to release the 90-degree angle between your left forearm and the club shaft. That ensures you unleash your power fully into your shots.

You need to extend your arms powerfully toward your target immediately after impact. The longer you leave your arms staying straight, the more power you'll get. This is just like cracking a whip. You will create an extra burst of power needed to bomb your tee shot.

Relax your wrists and hands

Keep your wrists relaxed during your swing, especially before and through your shot. That will allow you to turn your wrists and hands properly at the right moment and create extra distance. You need to rotate your left wrist and hand through the shot. Put differently, you need to feel your left-hand palm face the sky roughly when your left hand passes your left thigh.

Tightening your wrists and hands plays havoc with your ability to move your arms and hands as fast as you want. Speed cannot come from tense muscles. Tight muscles prevent you from increasing your swing speed. Also, you cannot have control of your club, thus having difficulty turning your clubface properly.

Make sure you grip your club lightly at address and preserve the same light grip pressure as you complete your backswing. That way you will keep your wrists and hands relaxed, releasing your club fully through the shot.

Incidentally, if you are suddenly losing your distance, check your grip pressure first before you wrestle with your in-swing moves.

Find your natural rhythm

To hit your tee shots longer, you must swing your driver harder. But trying to hit your ball harder with forced efforts, you cannot hit your ball solidly on the sweet spot. You face with the dilemma of whether you should exert forced efforts or not to increase your swing speed.

At whatever speed you swing your driver, you are trying in vain if you lose control and hit less-than-solid shots.

To increase distance, you need to apply your mind to finding your natural rhythm. Your natural rhythm will ensure you increase your swing speed to your maximum without sacrificing solid contact. To swing with your natural rhythm, you need to make sure your backswing is not faster than your downswing.

To this end, you need to make sure you finish your backswing. Whisper "coil behind ball" during your backswing. That will help you swing your driver back smoothly and deliberately, allowing you to wind up fully behind your ball.

This boosts good rhythm and tempo, putting you in position to swing your club down to inside the target line. That is, you will slot your club into the proper downswing path, increasing your swing speed to the full.

Importantly, you will start your downswing with your lower body, not with your arms and hands. Put differently, you will use the ground to create more power and speed. You cannot hit your ball solidly at full tilt unless you use the ground.

You've lost your natural rhythm if you fail to stay in balance at finish. A well-balanced finish shows you have kept your rhythm and whacked your ball on the sweet spot. Of course, your swing speed decides your distance. However, without a dead solid contact, you cannot send your ball far to your satisfaction.

Clear your mind

Don't be obsessed with diverse swing thoughts. Allowing varied swing thoughts to crowd in on you, you cannot make a fluid swing. Letting varied swing tips consume you, you won't move your body properly and naturally.

Critically, with too many swing keys in your mind, you will lose sight of the supreme goal of your swing. Remember you don't swing your club to perform specific moves. You swing the club to hit your ball toward your intended target.

To hit your target, you need to finish your swing with your body facing the target. Of course, you need to stay in balance, with your weight on your left foot. After all, the key to solid, consistent ball striking is to focus on your finish position.

Finishing your swing properly helps you repeat your swing consistently. A proper finish also encourages you to enjoy solid contact and increased distance. Aiming to complete your swing into a full finish position, you will strikingly increase your swing speed.

So, purge your mind of those complicated swing keys. Once you set up properly, zero in on your finish position. You will swing more freely, hitting your ball longer. The moves you need to perform between these two static positions will beautifully start to fall into place.
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