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5 peaks of Tajikistan that climbers from all over the world dream to conquer.

All about the mountain peaks of Tajikistan, which annually attract thousands of climbers and travelers to our country.

Yesterday, August 8, the world celebrated Climber's Day - a holiday that knows no bounds. On this day in 1786, doctor Michel-Gabriel Packard and mountain guide Jacques Balm were the first to reach the highest point of the Alps - Mount Mont Blanc, whose height is 4810 meters above sea level. Prior to this, all attempts were unsuccessful.

On this day, we decided to tell you about the mountain peaks of Tajikistan, which every year attract a large number of travelers, climbers and extreme sports enthusiasts from all over the world to our country with a dream to conquer them.

Ismoil Somoni Peak

Ismoil Somoni peak (7495 m) is the highest peak in the territory of the former USSR. The peak is located in the northwestern part of the Pamirs. The peak was discovered in 1928, during the Soviet-German scientific expedition.

Lenin peak

Lenin Peak (since 2006 in Tajikistan the peak has been named after Abuali ibn Sino) 7134 m high is located on the border of two countries - Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. It belongs to the Pamir mountain system and is the second highest in the post-Soviet region.

Korzhenevskaya peak

Korzhenevskaya peak is a mountain with a height of 7105 meters in the northern part of the ridge of the Academy of Sciences (Tajikistan), in 13 kilometers north of Ismoil Somoni peak.

Independence peak

Independence Peak (Kullai Istiklol) with a height of 6,940 meters is located in the center of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region in the eastern part of the Yazgulemsky Range in Tajikistan.

Karl Marx Peak

Karl Max peak with a height of 6785 meters is the highest point of the Shahdarinsky ridge, located in the southwest of the Pamir in Tajikistan.

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Date:Aug 9, 2019
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