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5 Tips To Reverse Aging.

This ( question originally appeared on ( Quora . ( Answer by ( Ray Schilling.

* ( Exercise regularly . Those who do exercise regularly have only 50% of the major diseases like heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes and arthritis.

* Eat sensibly, meaning eat a balanced diet like the Mediterranean diet. Here is a review of the main benefits of a Mediterranean diet: ( 8 Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet - Dr. Axe.

* Learn how to relax; use any of the following methods: meditation, self-hypnosis, yoga or Tai Chi. ( Relaxation Techniques for Health.

* When you are aging, you will first encounter menopause, if you are a woman or andropause, if you are a man. The key is to measure what hormones are missing and ( replace the missing hormones with bioidentical hormones . But there are other hormones like melatonin, thyroid and human growth hormone that may also be lacking.

* Supplement with life-prolonging supplements: vitamin C, vitamin D3, resveratrol, CoQ10, quercetin, omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil). ( Supplement added to standard diet improves health, prolongs life in mice.

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Date:Jul 16, 2017
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