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5 Stand up guys: SK8mafia for life.


Tyler Surrey, Wes Kremer, Jamie Palmore, Larelle Gray, and Jimmy Cao are Wiseguys--meaning they're made men who've just entered pro status for Sk8mafia. Having grown up skating together around San Diego over the years, they've earned the goomba from the Mafia's Underbosses and Dons. Associates came and went; empty suits were quickly clipped. They'll be releasing a video when this mag comes out due to all the heat they've had as of late. And with that, they're Borgata for life--you break the omerta, you get whacked.

associate (e-so'she-it) n.

Though the usual use of this word conveys a sense of belonging, in Mafiaspeak, an associate is one who skates with the organization but is not an official team rider



borgata (bor-ga'ta) n.

Family. The basic structural unit of the SkBmafia team. The Borgata has an established hierarchy, a body of members or soldiers, and many associates

connected (kon-nek'tid) adj.

A description of a Mafia "associate"

Clipped (klipt) adj.

Cut from the crew

Crew (kroo) n.

A body of skaters assigned to a Capo. The crew typically meets on a regular basis at the Capo's headquarters. The Capo is a high-ranking, made member of the Sk8mafia

don (don) n.

A traditional term of respect for owners and brand managers of the company, referred to as Mafia bosses



empty suit (emp'te soot) n.

Skaters with nothing to offer yet try to hang around with the Mafia

goomba (goom-ba) n.

Term of affection and respect in the skateboard community

heat (het) n.

Intense attention from law enforcement ... or media coverage


made (mad) adj.

Formally inducted into the Mafia through video parts and photos in magazines. Through an elaborate ritual, they're then invited to join the Mafia, where they're typically told the rules of the society, its history, and hierarchy

omerta (o'mer-ta) n.

Omerta typically refers to the strict code of silence regarding SkBmafia affairs

underboss (un'der-bos) n.

Second-in-command of a Borgata. The Underboss is often selected because he represents a powerful minority wing in the family

whack (hwak) v.

To get kicked off the Sk8mafia team; cut

wiseguy (wiz-gi) n.

A "made" member of the Sk8mafia team.


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Date:Nov 1, 2011
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