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5 Rules To Work With.

Summary: Your body language speaks volumes about your personality. Quick tips on appropriate body language at the work place and how to cultivate enduring work relationships with colleagues.


Confidence roughly translates to a feeling of self belief and about being convinced in the relevance of what you do. In order to exude confidence, you need to be secure about your abilities and ensure that it does not cross into the zone of over confidence. When confidence begins to border on arrogance, it poses a threat. The secret to being confident and being respected at the same time is simple-stay humble.


Whether you work in IT, HR, marketing or administration, you have something other people need. Try not to hand off work requests in the common eating area, bathroom or outside office. The line between work and personal lives should be respected. Nothing undermines you more than a poor and slouchy body posture. In addition to posture, practise eye contact when you meet someone for business or socially. This signals positivity, openness and approachability. Always extend a firm handshake, which is a web to web contact of palms, no sweaty palms, a firm grip and eye contact. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, sit straight, and practise the art of using gestures while talking. Try not to cross your arms and instead, lean slightly toward the person to display interest.


One can maintain a cordial equation with co-workers by practising common courtesy. A simple exchange of smiles and a good morning or hello is the first step in forming a constructive workplace relationship. Make eye contact and refer to people by name. You'll find people responding better to you. Learn who works best through email, phone, instant messaging or personal visits and try to utilise these preferences when engaging with colleagues. Every job is a service job. Try not to hand off work requests in the hall, kitchen, bathroom or outside the office.


Proceed with caution on social media. If you do connect with co-workers through social media, don't engage in inappropriate relationships and don't present an unprofessional side of yourself. We've all heard that it's dumb to post drunken Facebook photos, but a better rule would be to keep any controversial interests or hobbies separate from your work life.


Socialising and getting to know your co-workers as people will help you to communicate better and trust them more. Also, employees who have positive workplace relationships are happier at work. People who are happy at work are more productive, creative and more successful overall. Gossiping or spreading rumours post a social get-together between colleagues only brews bad blood. One should hence socialise with caution. Know who you can trust with your secrets and don't divulge personal details while sharing confidences.

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