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5 Recipes For Perfect Halloween-Themed Drinks.

Sometimes, the right drink is all you need to create the perfect vibe for any occasion. Halloween in particular allows people to get creative withAaAeAeA a variety of alcoholicAaAeAeA drinks, from fall-themed ciders and b to "bloody" cocktails and sangrias. HereAaAeAeA are five Halloween-them recipes for punch, cider, cocktails and more.

1. This ( Halloween Sangria AaAeAeA features "blood" and "eyeballs," thanks to the red wine and froz grapes that are tossed in. Strengthened with brandy, it also hasAaAeAeA brig citrus slices that add visual contrast. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare and has to sit for at least two hours before serving.

2. This peach-coloredAaAeAeA ( vampire punch is flecked with spots of red in the form of pomegranate seeds. It uses Campari,AaAeAeA gin, club soda and orange juiceAaAeAeA and takes a 10 minutes to make.

3.This simple but classicAaAeAeA ( recipe for hot, spiked apple cider is perfect for any fall occasion, especially the last night of October. Make sure you have spices like cloves, allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg on hand. It takes about 15 minutes to prepare and cook.AaAe



4. ( Dark and Stormy Death Punch , courtesy of Food and Wine, comes with "eyeballs" in the form of lycheesAaAeAeA stuffed with cherries. Its ging and rum base make it a cousin of the Dark and Stormy. It needs to be made at least five hours in advance, although most of that time involves allowing the lychee "eyeballs" to freeze.

5. If you can get your hands on dry ice, ( Mr. Hyde Potion AaAeAeA might be the most spirited drink of all. It requir vodka, parfait amour liqueur andAaAeAeA blackberry liqueur and some elabora preparations, but the final effect is ( visually stunning . A note of caution, though: Unless you are prepared for a truly gory Halloween,AaAeAeA the drink can only be consumed after a the dry ice has dissolved.AaAe

As always, please consume alcohol

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Date:Oct 30, 2015
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