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5 Best Skin Care Hacks For A Healthier Glow.

Taking good care of your skin is vital as it is the largest visible organ in your body. Our skin shields us from the harsh elements, including bacteria, pollution and contamination.

Another important role that skin plays is alerting us to pain sensation while protecting our body against the adverse effects of the ultra-violet (UV) rays. Skin is our first line of defense as well as the perfect shock absorber.

The health of the individual plays an active role in the condition of their skin. If the individual has a medical condition, their skin will show it. Similarly, extended exposure to harmful UV rays, hormones, poor diet, aging and genetics are some of the factors that can have adverse effects on the skin.

The skin tells the story of a person's health and life. Did you know that the skin determines the body temperature, as well as controls the moisture loss and maintains the fluid balance in your body? That is why skin care is so imperative.

The skin should be protected from various elements that affect it negatively, such as lack of sleep, dehydration, smoking and insufficient exercise.

Here are five hacks you can try to get healthy, glowing skin:

1. Eat Healthy

Diet that includes tomatoes, mangoes, olive oil, white tea, cocoa flavanols and omega-3 can help you get radiant skin. Mangoes are a great choice as they have anti-oxidants that ensure the production of collagen, a protein of the skin that gives it elasticity and strength.

Omega-3 can help with scaling of the skin as well as general dryness. It is usually found in pumpkin seeds, walnuts and fish. Fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes can help with cancer prevention.

2. Don't stress too much

Too much stress can be harmful. ( According to research , stress builds up a large portion of sebum, a slick substance that can choke your pores, which could lead to severe acne issues. Individuals who stress a lot can expect hair loss, itchiness, oiliness, rashes, scaly skin and more.

3. Keep your skin moisturized

There are several ways to keep your skin moisturized, including using warm water for bathing and avoiding harsh soaps. People with dry skin should also pat dry the skin with a soft towel after a bath and should avoid scratching the body.

You can also utilize lotions and creams and wear loose garments that let the body breath.  Lastly, use a humidifier to keep the skin moisturized during the winter season.

4. Stop smoking 

Smoking has numerous adverse effects, especially on the skin. It deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrition which are vital for skin development. It also ages your ( facial skin . Smoking breaks down the collagen present in your skin.

5. Make sure to get a full night's sleep

Individuals should get at least seven to nine hours of peaceful sleep every night, as recommended by doctors. This can help keep the skin maintain its radiance and get rid of the dark circles. The better the sleep, the fresher and more radiant the skin will be.

As a bonus tip, drink plenty of water as this will help the skin become hydrated from inside.
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Date:Apr 4, 2019
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