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5 400 years young.

Mark your calendars for 2019, when Virginia will celebrate 400 years of representative democracy with "American Evolution," a series of events and projects commemorating America's ideals-- self-government, diversity, opportunity--and engaging citizens, legislators and global leaders alike. It was in 1619 that the first legislature in the New World met in a church in Jamestown, Virginia. Called the General Assembly, its purpose was to pass laws and improve management of the settlement, which was established in 1607. Virginia House Majority Leader Kirkland Cox (R) and Senate Majority Leader Thomas Norment Jr. (R) are co-chairmen of the upcoming commemoration. Other assembly members and their clerks make up the steering committee. NCSL's Trust for Representative Democracy, which will serve as a public partner to some of the events, will provide more information as the anniversary approaches.

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Title Annotation:STATELINE; Virginia to celebrate 400 years of representative democracy
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Date:Dec 1, 2016
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