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4th International Symposium on Service Life Prediction slated for December 3-8, 2006, in Key Largo.

The 4th International Symposium on Service Life Prediction: Global Perspectives will be held December 3-8, 2006, at the Sheraton Beach Resort in Key Largo, FL.

The symposium will feature technical conferences Monday through Friday, Poster Sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday evening, and a banquet reception on Thursday evening. Registration and a welcoming reception will be held on Sunday.

The current conference schedule for the 4th International Symposium on Service Life Prediction: Global Perspectives is as follows:

Monday, December 4

Linking Field and Laboratory Exposure Results

Linking Accelerating Laboratory Tests with Outdoor Performance: Photodegradation of Epoxy Coatings--Xiaohong Gu, National Institute of Standards and Technology

A Statistical Model for Linking Field and Laboratory Exposure Results for a Model Coating--Bill Meeker, Iowa State University

Things Are Heating Up: Advances in the Prediction of the Thermal Performance of Polymers--Mathew Celina, Sandia National Laboratories

ASTM-NCCA Ten-Year Weathering Study: Final Report--David A. Cocuzzi, Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc.

An Analysis of the Effect of Irradiance on the Weathering of Polymeric Materials--Ken White, The 3M Company

Advances in Field and Laboratory Exposures I

Acceleration Oxidation of Polypropylene Fiber Under Temperature and Pressure--Y. Grace Hsuan, Drexel University

A New Approach to Characterizing Weathering Reciprocity in Xenon Arc Weathering Devices--Kurt P. Scott, Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC

Risk Analysis for Pipeline Assets--Probability of Failure the Critical Component--Stewart Burn, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization

Degradation Around the Surface in ABS Injection Moldings Exposed Outdoors--Machiko Mizogushi, Yamagata University

Tuesday, December 5

Advances in Field and Laboratory Exposures II

Controlled Temperature Natural Weathering--Jon Graystone, Paint Research Association

A New Test Method for Weatherability Prediction: Radical Shower Using A Remote Plasma Reactor--Masahiko Akahori, Nippon Paint Company Ltd.

Simulate Acid Rain: A Test with Proven Correlation--Jeffrey Quill, Q-Labs

The Influence of Applied Strain on Environmental Degradation of Rubber Materials--Chris White, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Scaling Laws and Exposure Variables in Accelerated Weathering Testing--Mark Nichols, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering

Color and Appearance

Characterizing and Correlating Optical Properties of Coatings to Material Properties--Li-Piin Sung, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Computer Graphic Tools for Automotive Paint Engineering--Gary Meyer, University of Minnesota

Computer Graphics Techniques for Capturing and Rendering the Appearance of Aging Materials--Holly Rushmeier, Yale University

Wednesday, December 6

Mechanistic Measurements

Enhancement of Photoprotection and Mechanical Properties of Polymers by Deposition of Thin Coatings--Agnes Rivaton, UMR Universite of Blaise Pascal

Chemiluminescence Detection: Principles, Chances, and Limitations for the Shortening of Weathering Tests--Volker Wachtendorf, Federation Institute of Materials, Testing, and Research (BAM)

A Critical Assessment of Techniques for Monitoring Polymer Photodegradation--Jim White, University of New Castle upon Tyne

The New Frontier: Depth Profiling Chemical Composition and Mechanical Performance in Multi-layer Coating Systems--Karlis Adamsons, DuPont, Inc.

Accelerated Weathering of Hardcoated Polycarbonate--Jim Pickett, General Electric Global Research

High Throughput and Combinatorial Methods

The Combinatorial and High Throughput Approach to Coating Synthesis and Property Screening--Dean Webster, North Dakota State University

Development and Deployment of a High Throughput Exterior Durability Program for Architectural Paint Coatings--Edward A. Schmitt, Rohm and Haas Company

High Throughput Characterization and Informatics System for Accelerated Photodegradation of Polymers--Joannie Chin, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Thursday, December 7

Contribution of Pigments, Additives, and Fillers

Effect of the Environmental Stress and Polymer Microenvironment on Efficiency Trials and Fate of Stabilizers--Jan Pospisil, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

Influence of TI[O.sub.2] on Appearance Changes: Beyond Photodegradation--Mike Diebold, DuPont Titanium Technologies

Weatherability Assessments of Polymeric Materials for Construction Applications--Joseph J. Fay, Ciba Specialty Chemicals

The Interplay of Binder and Pigment in the Weathering of Thermoplastic Coatings--Kurt Wood, Arkema, Inc.

Investigating Pigment Photoreactivity for Coatings Applications: Methods Development--Stephanie Watson, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Friday, December 8


Discussion of Research and Measurement Needs in Service Life Prediction

The registration fee for the symposium is $815.00. Most meals are included and a spouse ticket for the banquet can be purchased for $55.00. The deadline for hotel reservations is November 3, 2006, and the deadline for registering for the symposium is November 20, 2006. Online symposium and hotel registration is available at Registration forms, also available at the aforementioned website link, can be mailed or faxed as well.

For more information, visit or contact Joannie Chin, Co-Chairperson, at 301-975-6815 or

MRS Announces Call for Papers for Spring Meeting

The Materials Research Society (MRS), Warrendale, PA, has announced a call for papers for its 2007 Spring Meeting, which will be held April 9-13, 2007, in San Francisco, CA, at the Moscone West Convention Center & San Francisco Marriott Hotel.

The event will feature 36 technical symposia in five topical clusters and an international exhibit highlighting products and services of interest to the materials community. The topical clusters are Electronic and Magnetic Materials; Polymers, Hybrids, and Biomaterials; Optical Materials and Phenomena; Nanoscale Materials, Properties, and Applications; and a General category.

The deadline for submitting an abstract is November 1, 2006. All abstracts must be submitted online via the MRS web site:

Rapra Technology to Hold REACH Conference

Rapra Technology, Shropshire, UK, has announced plans to hold an international conference on the topic of REACH, the new European environmental regulations policy. The two-day REACH Conference will be held in Brussels, Belgium, on April 17-18, 2007.

The goal of the conference is to discuss the implications of the REACH legislation and to answer questions such as: How will REACH impact the competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry? Will REACH prove a barrier to innovation? What testing is required and how can test data be pooled and shared? What new opportunities and alternatives might REACH present?

Those interested in presenting at the conference are to submit the title of their paper/presentation, a short summary, and speaker details by October 27, 2006, to Alix Yates, Rapra Technology, Shawbury, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 4NR, +44 (0) 1939-250383, or

For more information on REACH, visit

ASTM Issues Call for Papers for Corrosion Symposium

ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, has issued a call for papers for the Symposium on Corrosion Life Cycle Planning and Optimization. Sponsored by ASTM Committee G01 on Corrosion of Metals, the symposium will be held November 13, 2007, in Tampa, FL, in conjunction with the standards development meetings of Committee G01.

Abstracts, which are to be 250-300 words in length, along with presenter/author information, are to be submitted by December 15, 2006, using the ASTM online abstract submittal form, found at Accepted papers will be announced by February 15, 2007.

The purpose of the symposium is to discuss improvements regarding how corrosion can be mitigated in an economic way.

More information about the symposium is available by contacting Sean Brossia, symposium co-chairman, at 614.761.1214 or sbrossia@cctechnologies; or Neal S. Berke at 617.498.4827 or

Electrocoat Association to Host Seminar November 7

The Electrocoat Association, Cincinnati, OH, and the Chemical Coaters Association International, Cincinnati, will host the 2006 Electrocoating Seminar on November 7 in Dallas, TX. This one-day event is designed to provide information for people new to the electro-coat industry or others who want to learn more. Industry experts will discuss the types of electrocoatings, where and why each is used, the advantages and disadvantages of the technology, and equipment considerations. In addition, the electrocoating process, from pretreatment through final cure, will be covered along with environmental issues. To obtain a registration brochure, contact: 800.579.8806 or
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