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4D_Additive Manufacturing software suite.

CoreTechnologie (CT) has developed the 4D_Additive Manufacturing software suite.

With the new texture module, developers and industrial designers can use more than 5,000 surface structures. The combination of the software with precise B-Rep kernel and the high-resolution HP jet-fusion process allows the additive production of very fine, completely new surfaces, which will find application for individualised decorative trim in vehicles and plastic design products.

Flexible customisation and new component designs are an important innovation advantage in a highly competitive buyer market. For users, 4D_Additive makes it easy to define textures on the CAD model, simply choosing the desired B-Rep areas and a matching texture from the database. Thereafter, the fineness and position of the structure can be visually adjusted on the component. A rendered, almost photorealistic representation of the model accelerates the work and allows an immediate assessment of the print result. The software ensures distortion-free projection of the grain over surface boundaries. The graphical representation allows the assessment of the designed geometry, and fuels the creative process in the design of new parts.

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Title Annotation:SOFTWARE
Publication:Electro Optics
Date:Aug 1, 2019
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