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47 judges elected; 25 runoffs set.

Fourteen circuit court races and 11 county court contests are heading for runoffs on the November general election ballot following voting in Florida's August 28 primary.

The balloting decided another 19 circuit and 28 county court races, whose winners will be sworn in next January.

Florida's trial court elections appear on the primary ballot and in contests with three or more candidates where no one gets a majority of the vote, the top two finishers face off in the general election.

Also appearing on that November ballot will be the merit retention elections for Supreme Court Justice Alan Lawson and 17 district court of appeal judges.

All results are based on unofficial results from the Secretary of State's website for the circuit court races and from individual supervisors' of election websites for county court contests. If a result has been missed, please contact Senior Editor Gary Blankenship at gblankenship@floridabar. org.

Circuit court races that resulted in a runoff include:

* In the Second Circuit, Group 12, David Frank, with 47.8 percent and Lisa Barclay Fountain, with 26.4 percent, will meet in the runoff. D. Christine Thurman, with 25.9 percent, was eliminated.

* In the Sixth Circuit, Group 4, Dave Ellis with 43.2 percent and Roxanne Fixsen with 31.5 percent are in the runoff. Dustin Anderson, with 25.3 percent, was eliminated.

* In the Seventh Circuit, Group 15, Ryan Will and Linda L. Gaustad made the runoff with 37.1 and 31.8 percent respectively. Sebrina L. Slack, with 31.1 percent, was eliminated.

* In the Eighth Circuit, in Group 8, Gloria Walker got 47.9 percent and David Robertson got 36.6 percent to make the runoff while Julie Waldman with 15.5 percent was eliminated.

* In the Ninth Circuit, Group 41, Laura Shaffer with 42 percent and Dean Mosley with 30.5 percent made the runoff, while Lorraine Elizabeth DeYoung with 27.3 percent was eliminated.

* In the 10th Circuit, Group 10, Lee Cohen, Melissa Gravitt, with 44.4 percent and Keith P. Merritt with 31.8 percent are in the runoff; Lee Cohen with 23.9 percent was eliminated.

* In the 11th Circuit, Group 14, Renee Gordon with 47.6 percent and Vivianne del Rio with 34.8 percent made the runoff while Louis V. Martinez with 17.7 percent was eliminated.

* In the 13th Circuit, Group 26, Robin Fuson with 32.9 percent and Jamey Moody with 32.18 percent are in the runoff. Cissy Boza Sevelin with 20.5 percent and Starr Brookins with 14.8 percent were eliminated.

* In the 15th Circuit, Group 13, Scott Ryan Kerner with 41.3 percent and Alcolya J.L. St. Juste with 38 percent are in the runoff. Jordan H. Jordan with 21.8 percent was eliminated. In Group 18, Maxine Cheesman with 41.1 percent and Marybel Reinoso Coleman with 31.9 percent made the runoff. Joseph "Joe" Maryuma with 27.1 percent was eliminated. In Group 25, Sarah Willis with 39.6 percent and Michael McAuliffe with 34.3 percent are in the runoff. Henry Quinn Johnson with 26.1 percent was eliminated.

* In the 17th Circuit, Group 38, Stefanie Camille Moon with 43.8 percent and Jason Allen-Rosner with 22.4 percent are in the runoff. Melissa Minsk Donoho with 17.8 percent and Linda Marie Leali with 17 percent were eliminated. In Group 46, Maria Markhasin-Weekes with 44.7 percent and H. James Curry with 34.4 percent are in the runoff; Walter "Dale" Miller with 20.9 percent was eliminated.

* In the 19th Circuit, Group 19, Robert "Bob" Meadows with 40.1 percent and Nirlaine Smartt with 34 percent made the runoff. Louis "Lou" Larsen with 25.9 percent was eliminated.

Circuit court races decided without a runoff were:

* In the Fourth Circuit, Group 18, Maureen T. Horkan defeated Charles McBurney 54 to 46 percent.

* In the Fifth Circuit, Group 4, Don Barbee, Jr., bested Edward C. Spaight 60.5 to 39.5 percent.

* In the Sixth Circuit, Group 9, incumbent Christine Helinger turned back challenger Elizabeth Blackwell 64.8 to 35.2 percent; in Group 36, Doneene D. Loar outpolled Donald McBath 64.6 to 35.4 percent. In Group 40, incumbent Thomas H. "Tommy" Minkoff defeated Mike Trentalange 49.3 to 30.7 percent. In Group 45 Rebecca Hamilton defeated Evan Frayman 53.2 to 46.8 percent.

* In the Ninth Circuit, Group 15, Jeff Ashton defeated Howard Friedman 55.6 to 44.4 percent. In Group 26, Tom Young overcame Joseph Haynes Davis 58 to 42 percent.

* In the 10th Circuit, Group 11, Dana Y Moore overcame Stephen Paul Pincket 60.9 to 39.2 percent.

* In the 11th Circuit, Group 8, incumbent David C. Miller defeated Elizabeth Espinosa 52.5 to 47.5 percent. In Group 25, Yery Marrero bested Joe Perkins 52.9 to 47.1 percent.

* In the 12th Circuit, Group 12, Maria Ruhl with 57 percent bested incumbent Brian A. Iten with 43 percent.

* In the 17th Circuit, Group 8, incumbent Ernest Albert Kollra edged Alan B. Schneider 50.2 to 48.8 percent. In Group 36, Shari Beth Africk-Elefson defeated Kristin Weisberg Padowitz 54 to 46 percent. In Group 39, Susan Lynn Alspector overcame Camille Shotwell-Coolidge with 52 to 48 percent. In Group 42, Richard Brian Kaplan edged incumbent Michael Usan 50.2 to 49.8 percent. In Group 43, Dan Casey outpolled Karen Elizabeth Berger with 51.2 to 48.8 percent.

* In the 18th Circuit, Group 24, incumbent Melissa Dyan Souto overcame Adam Pollack 54 to 46 percent.

* In the 20th Circuit, in Group 8, John Owen McGowan overcame James Wesley Chandler 57.8 to 42.2 percent.

Here are the county court races that resulted in a runoff:

* Alachua County, Group 2, Meshon Rawls with 35.5 percent and Craig DeThomasis with 26.8 percent made the runoff. Jon Uman with 12 percent and Darla K. Whistler with 25.6 percent were eliminated.

* Broward County, Group 9, Corey Amanda Cawthon with 36.3 percent and Tanner Channing Demmery with 35.7 percent are in the runoff. Leonore M. Greller with 28 percent was eliminated. In Group 19, Jackie Powell with 42 percent and Allison Gilman with 38.2 percent made the runoff. John F. Phillips with 19.8 percent was eliminated.

* Collier County, Group 2, Blake Adams with 25.1 percent and James Moon with 24.1 percent are in the runoff. Sal Bazaz, with 9 percent, Michael E. Nieman with

18.7 percent, and Dominick Russo with 23.2 percent were eliminated.

* Hardee County, Group 1, Ken Evers with 44 percent and David Horton with 39.6 percent made the runoff. James F. Pyle with 16.3 percent was eliminated.

* Hillsborough County, Group 2, Greg Green with 43.5 percent and Lisa Allen with 39.4 percent made the runoff. Adam L. Bantner II with 17.2 percent was eliminated. In Group 8, Jack Gutman with 46.8 percent and E. Michael Isaak with 22.4 percent are in the runoff. LaShawn Strachan with 19.7 percent and Lanell Williams-Yulee with 11.1 percent were eliminated.

* Indian River County, Group 2, Nicole Menz with 40.5 percent and Robyn Stone with 37.2 percent are in the runoff. Kiernan Patrick Moylan with 22.4 percent was eliminated.

* Okeechobee County, Group 1, William "Bill" Wallace with 43.9 percent and Deborah M. Hooker with 33.8 percent made the runoff. Roger Azcona with 13.7 percent, Rebecca H. Boldt with 4.8 percent, and Donald Anthony Chinquina with 3.9 percent were eliminated.

* Palm Beach County, Group 4, Ashley Zuckerman with 30 percent and Allegra Fung with 23.8 percent make the runoff. Allen "Antonio" Ambrosino with 14.6 percent, Lloyd Comiter with 17.8 percent and Gabriel "Gabe" Ermine with 13.8 percent were eliminated.

* Seminole County, Group 2, Debra Krause with 42.6 percent and Wayne Culver with 36.5 percent are in the runoff. Cameron Shackelford with 21 percent was eliminated.

Here are the county court races that were decided in the August 28 primary voting:

* Brevard County, Group 5, Katie Jacobus with 59.2 percent defeated Rodney M. Kernan with 29.4 percent and Anthony Mechachonis with 11.4 percent.

* Broward County, Group 10, Robert F. "Bob" Diaz with 59.1 percent overcame Michael John Heise with 40.9 percent; Group 17, Michael Davis with 57.4 percent bested Rhoda Sokoloff with 42.6 percent. In Group 25, Robert W. Lee defeated Stephen Leslie Lustig 68.7 to 31.4 percent.

* DeSoto County, Group 1, Danielle L. Brewer defeated Joshua C. Schueneman 53.9 percent to 46.1 percent.

* Duval County, Group 3, Michael Bateh bested Gerald L. Wilkerson 60.8 to 39.2 percent. In Group 8, Kimberly Sadler turned back LaRae Hendrix 64.4 to 35.7 percent.

* Escambia County, Group 2, Joyce Henderson Williams edged Paul Hamlin 50.5 to 49.5 percent.

* Franklin County, Group 1, Jay Gordon Shuler with 57 percent defeated Roseanna Bronhard with 1.8 percent and Barbara Sanders with 41.2 percent.

* Hillsborough County, Group 5, Jared Smith outpolled and Bill Yanger 66.7 to 33.3 percent.

* Lee County, Group 7, Maria E. Gonzalez defeated David McElrath 62.6 to 37.4 percent.

* Leon County, Group 3, Monique Richardson with 52.8 percent defeated Cyndee Brown with 12.1 percent and Suzanne VanWyk with 35.1 percent.

* Liberty County, Group 1, Kenneth "Ken" Hosford bested David Jackson Summers 66.4 to 33.7 percent.

* Marion County, Group 2, Sarah Ritterhoff Williams overcame William "Bill" Ramputi 60.4 to 39.4. In Group 3, Tommy Tompson defeated Leann Mackey Barnes 54.8 to 45.2 percent. In Group 4, Robert Landt outpolled Bryon Aven 59.9 to 40.1 percent.

* Miami-Dade, Group 2, Kristy M. Nunez defeated Rosy Anette Aponte 52.1 to 47.9 percent. In Group 32, Lizzet Martinez overcame Christopher "Chris" Pracitto 67.5 to 32.5 percent. In Group 33, Eleane Sosa-Bruzon bested Olanike "Nike" Adbayo 55.7 to 44.3 percent. In Group 40, Michael George Barket outpolled Elena Ortega-Tauler 53.6 to 46.4 percent. In Group 43, Milena Abreu defeated Mike F. Mirabal 65.4 to 34.6 percent.

* Orange County, Group 11, Adam McGinnis defeated Doricia "Dori" Miller Rivas 64.3 to 35.7 percent.

* Osceola County, Group 1, Christine Arendas with 52.8 percent defeated Ernest Mullins with 27.1 percent and Daniel Villazon with 20.1 percent.

* Palm Beach County, Group 5, Sara Alijewicz with 52.7 percent bested Richard Llerena with 24.6 percent and Jeremy Zubkokff with 22.6 percent.

* Pasco County, Group 7, Kent Compton outpolled Jeremiah M. Hawkes 59 to 41 percent.

* St. Lucie County, Group 1, Daryl "Ike" Isenhower defeated Fran Olenthia Ross 57.5 to 42.5 percent.

* Sumter County, Group 1, Paul Militello bested Edward J. Lynum 64.1 to 35.9 percent.

* Volusia County, Group 5, Dawn Fields defeated Steven Burk 61.8 to 33.2 percent.

Fox prevails in 20th Circuit state attorney race

Amira Fox defeated Chris Crowley to win the Republican nomination for 20th Circuit state attorney in the August 28 primary.

Fox tallied 57.1 percent of the vote to Crowley's 42.9 percent, according to unofficial results from the Secretary of State.

The victory means Fox will almost certainly be the next state attorney for the circuit. No Democrat filed in the race and she faces only token write-in opposition on the November ballot.

The 20th Circuit is the only one that elects its state attorney and public defender in mid-term elections; the other 19 circuits have those races in presidential election years.
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