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43 Handwritten; first page missing: [late 1929/early 1930].




Elizabeth's ambassador & am writing to ask you in which of the Voyages they are told of. Also what edition it is from which you worked.

You may be interested to know that a friend and I are having a Virginia Woolf winter! We read aloud first the book reviews in Books. Then the articles on Fiction in the Bookman. Next A Room of One's Own--And now we are all day in The Common Reader. We are enjoying the reading so much. Even when we most definitely disagree with you we are delighted with the stimulus and challenge that you have given to our minds! And we still have so much ahead to enjoy.

Very cordially

Edith Freelove Smith

Miss Edith Freelove Smith

715 Liberty St.

Clarion Pa

Letters from agents, editors, publishers, etc., Letters about various books

Edith Freelove Smith published a children's book called Trading East: A Story Based on Hakluyt's Voyages to Russia, Turkeman, and Persia in 1930. Reviews by Woolf appeared in the Books section of the New York Herald Tribune from 1924 through 1931, but most frequently in 1927-1929. "Phases of Fiction" appeared in the April, May, and June 1929 issues of Bookman. Smith's question seems related to "The Elizabethan Lumber Room" in the first Common Reader (1925). Smith also abridged The Pilgrim's Progress (1923) and David Copperfield (1938) for young readers.

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