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42 portable chillers round out new line.

42 Portable Chillers Round Out New Line

With the introduction of 42 air-and water-cooled portable chillers, Conair Tempro, Elgin, III., has completed its year-and-a-half-long introduction of a new line of heat-transfer products.

Begun in mid-1989, Conair Tempro is the newest division of the Pittsburgh-based Conair Group. Its new portable chillers complement the company's recently introduced central chillers and a line of fluid mold-temperature controllers unveiled last year (see PT, Dec. '89, p. 81).

The portable chillers--20 water-cooled models and 22 air-cooled versions --reportedly give Conair the broadest line of portable chillers available. The new offerings have compressors ranging in size from 3.25 to 40 hp. Units above 10 hp use Copeland discus-type compressors.

In designing the new series, a Conair spokesman said, the company blended the tried-and-true with new approaches, combining 25-year-old refrigeration technology with fresh mechanical innovations. "We didn't want to reinvent the wheel," explains Al Fosco, v.p. of sales and marketing. "We just wanted to build a line of reliable and cost-effective chillers."


The 42 chillers in its product line comprise 21 different models--10 water-cooled and 11 air-cooled--each offered with two levels of controls. The more advanced controller is the microTrac 3 control system, the same microprocessor used on the company's moldtemperature controllers. Both the microTrac 3 and the simpler microTrac 1 advanced hybrid-PID control to give the user the stability of digital control with the fine-tuning capability of analog. The microTrac 3 has three thermocouples (to and from the process and from the evaporator outlet); large simultaneous digital LED readouts of process and setpoint temperatures; selectable readouts of setpoint, evaporator outlet, from-process, delta T, and high and low warning temperatures; and a magnetic backing on the panel and extendable cord for remote control as far as 15 ft away. Optional features include: audible and visible alarms, SPI communications protocol, printer ports for running SPC/SQC data at 5-sec to 20-min intervals, a 50-ft remote cable and control-key lockout circuits.

The controller's diagnostics include 10 continuous microprocessor safety tests, automatic memory check, a lights and displays test, tests of all solid-state relays, open-sensor tests and an input-signal check to voltage-sensing devices.

The microTrac 3 chillers have two insulated tanks made from rotomolded HDPE, in which the insulation has been molded right into the plastic to ensure that the material doesn't flake off into the coolant stream. MicroTrac 3 units have two pumps--one dedicated to supplying water to the process and another that recirculates cooling water. This, Conair says, is well suited to chillers that must maintain high pressure and high flow rates, such as for presses producing PET bottle preforms.

For processors who don't need all those bells and whistles, Conair is offering the same chillers with its simpler microTrac 1 controller. These units do not offer the selectable readouts or remote control available with the microTrac 3.


Possibly the most unusual feature is a cylinder unloading system, which Conair says results in as much as 50% lower energy consumption. The system is built into all units using 10-hp or larger compressors. Like hot-gas bypass systems found on Conair's smaller chillers and chillers from most other manufacturers, cylinder unloading keeps the compressor running during less-than-peak loads. But because it shuts down a portion of the compressor when the energy requirement is low, the compressor does not run at full speed unnecessarily, thus using less power.

The entire line of portable chillers, which range in price from $4600 to $32,000, have had their process connections (and condenser connections on water-cooled models) welded to the chiller panels to prevent internal plumbing from loosening during connection and disconnection of external piping. The units each have seven swing-out access panels, providing easy access to every internal component. All water-cooled models are stackable two high. (CIRCLE 2)

PHOTO : Conair's portable air-and water-cooled chillers ranging from 3.25 to 40 hp offer two versions of controls and seven swing-out access panels, allowing easy access and maintenance to every part and component.
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Title Annotation:Conair Tempro's heat transfer products
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Date:Nov 1, 1990
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