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"The power of the solo [Part II of Education of the Girlchild] resided largely in Miss Monk's command of focus and concentration ... Most fascinating of all were her gestures--gestures I can only describe as non-specific mime. That is, they looked like familiar activities, yet were never totally identifiable ... Like many of her previous pieces, Meredith Monk's new solo was rich in images to contemplate and ponder, images which stick in the mind long after the dance is done."

--Jack Anderson reviews the premiere of Meredith Monk's iconic Education of the Girlchild in the July 1972 issue of Dance Magazine


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Title Annotation:FROM THE VAULT; Meredith Monk's solo 'Eduaction of the Girlchild'
Publication:Dance Magazine
Article Type:Brief article
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Date:Jul 1, 2012
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