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40 years ago this month.

"What goes through a woman's mind when she's vacuuming? ... In Inner Appearances (which [Yvonne Rainer] choreographed and danced), cards flash across a screen to tell of the 'wild commotion of shame, grief, and joy' that is rushing about inside the head of the woman who moves slowly, carefully through her chore ...

The effect is startling and disturbing. It jolts our perceptions about dance and ... of women in characteristic housekeeping roles.

On a program titled "Dancing Ladies," it is impossible not to view Inner Appearances as a feminist statement. Add to this that Ms. Rainer has used her biography space in the program to attack the 'condescending' nature of the program's title ('Five years ago I might have appreciated the humor and quaintness ...') and we see ourselves as witnesses to the first feminist ballet.

Inner Appearances closed the program and the look of recognition that flashed between women and rippled around the room as the audience filed out reflected the work's political meaning as well as emotional power."

--Ellen Cohn in the June 7972 issue of Dance Magazine


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Title Annotation:FROM THE VAULT
Author:Cohn, Ellen
Publication:Dance Magazine
Article Type:Brief article
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Date:Jun 1, 2012
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