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40 Chances.

40 Chances

By Howard G.


SIMON & SCHUSTER Not just any trust fund baby could sell a book chronicling his adventures with the likes of Shakira and Eva Longoria. But Howard G. Buffett--passionate farmer, sometime agribiz exec, swashbuckling philanthropist, son of Warren--is sui generis. The book, based on the idea that a farmer has 40 seasons to get things right, has that many anecdotes dispersing Buffettian wisdom on biodiversity, international food aid, why we should invest in soil, etc. It's a tad Bono-esque-dripping with self-satisfaction and the requisite name-dropping--but 40 Chances is easy-reading earnestness from a dedicated do-gooder.--Tom Philpott


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Author:Philpott, Tom
Publication:Mother Jones
Article Type:Book review
Date:Nov 1, 2013
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