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4-Sight unveils Draggin' Drop capability setting new standard for easy network faxing; First interface to provide drag and drop commands for cross-platform faxing.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 4, 1995--Setting a new ease-of-use standard for cross-platform networking software, 4-Sight L.C. Wednesday announced version 3.0 of its 4-Sight Fax, the first Macintosh-based network fax software for Macintosh and Windows PCs, including Draggin' Drop functionality.

4-Sight's new Draggin' Drop user interface is the first to allow quick and easy faxing in seconds, eliminating the need for menu-driven mouse commands.

4-Sight Fax 3.0 allows each client on a company's network to directly send to and receive faxes from another client, without requiring separate modems and phone lines. The software features new easy-to-understand icons which allow users to quickly select a new fax, view a fax or resend faxes. It also provides the ability to create subgroups within address books and to directly import addresses from existing databases. The new 4-Sight Fax 3.0 supports advanced greyscale faxing -- 256 shades -- enabling users to send color documents or photos.

4-Sight Fax 3.0 is the only cross-platform network software solution to provide Option Print capability, enabling users to easily toggle between faxing and printing functions by clicking on user-selectable hot keys. It also features Quick Fax, which enables the user to quickly send fax messages outside of an application.

The software works with almost any Macintosh application and is easily expandable to thousands of users and up to 12 fax lines. Sight Fax LE, a limited edition of the program, is targeted for smaller networks of up to 25 users.

Draggin' Drop is 4-Sight's new easy-to-use interface that gives the user quick and simple faxability. In order to send a fax, the user drags and drops a document onto 4-Sight's "Draggin" icon. The application is automatically launched, the document is imaged, the address book automatically opens up, the user selects a recipient, types in a message or uses a custom cover page, and then sends it. As soon as the fax has been sent, the user receives a notification on their screen showing who received it and when.

With 4-Sight's unique Fax Switcher System menu, available from any application, users can also send simple text messages with enclosures and define hot key combinations for faster faxing. When receiving a fax, the user has the option to either print, save as a TIFF or PICT file, OCR it, fax it to other users, or auto-deliver the fax to users with 4-Sight's DID option (See optional add-ons).

"We are committed to setting new standards for ease-of-use in communications technologies," said Ira Tabankin, general manager for 4-Sight L.C. "Our Draggin' Drop interface is the most intuitively easy way to send and receive fax messages, and reinforces our position as a technology leader in cross-platform network faxing."

Version 3.0 of the software maintains existing features like archiving, logging and accounting of faxes sent and received in order to maintain more control over faxing, and enables the user to easily schedule unattended transmissions taking advantage of lower evening phone rates.

Custom cover pages can also be created, integrating company logos or other graphics, which are instantly available from each computer. 4-Sight Fax was the first software package to allow users to incorporate existing QuickMail and Microsoft Mail E-mail systems for sending faxes; version 3.0 now also incorporates cc:Mail.

Optional add-ons

Available as options for both versions of 4-Sight Fax are PC Link and Flex Router. PC-Link is a communications client application that provides Windows network users access to a 4-Sight Fax Macintosh server for complete background facsimile communications services. Users can fax documents from any Windows application, and received faxes are automatically routed directly to a Windows workstation where a user can view multiple page faxes on-screen.

Flex Router takes advantage of Direct Inward Dialing (DID) technology supplied by local phone service providers for quick and effective automatic routing of inbound faxes direct to a workstation, instead of being sent to a central network administrator. This ensures secure receipt of faxes.

Pricing and availability

4-Sight Fax v3.0 and Fax LE are available now. Pricing is tiered based on the number of users. 4-Sight Fax 3.0 starts at $595 for five users with a single fax line up to $40,000 for a site license with 12 fax lines. Upgrade pricing is also available for $19 per user plus $99 for the server software. 4-Sight Fax LE with five users is priced at $695, the 10-user version is priced at $995, and the 25-user version is $1495.

Pricing includes software and one free 19.2 Kbps network fax/modem. PC-Link Fax software is available from $495 for 10 users up to $3495 for unlimited users. The Flex Router DID option is priced at $1690, including a DID router, Flex Fax 14.4 fax modem and software.

4-Sight, L.C., established in 1992, is a joint venture between CE Software and 4-Sight (Intl.) Ltd. CE Software is a publicly traded office communications and user productivity software company with international distribution. 4-Sight markets ISDN and Switched 56 file transfer systems, and professional network fax solutions for Macintosh and Windows environments.


Note to Editors: See 4-Sight at MacWorld, Moscone Center, Booth #4272N. 4-Sight, 4-Sight Fax, and Draggin' Drop are trademarks of 4-Sight L.C. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

CONTACT: 4-Sight L.C.

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Date:Jan 4, 1995
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