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4 of the best Scottish beers from ALDI.

Byline: Wine seller with Brian Elliott

Benno Craft Lager PS1.29 330ml (PS3.91 per litre) To optimise freshness this is in a can rather than a bottle and brings us crisp, bright uncomplicated lager with aromas of hay coupled with cereal-based flavours laced with mild pepperiness. It is named in honour of a German pioneer in cool fermentation techniques - Benno Scharl.

Broughton Champion Double ale PS1.49 500ml (PS2.98 per litre) This "double" ale is actually a blend of two beers - one providing burly, mealy elements while its darker (porter style) partner adds suggestions of chocolate, dates and prunes. The marriage works rather well offering smooth softness but surprisingly restrained bitterness given the sturdiness of its overall profile.

Golden Ratio Golden Ale PS1.49 500ml (PS2.98 per litre) This is truly golden in colour and, living up to its name (a mathematician's and designer's code word for perfect proportions), everything is in excellent balance. It delivers just the right cocktail of cereal influences, zesty touches of orange, gentle bitterness and a smooth but slightly sweet texture.

Iconic american Pale ale PS1.49 500ml (PS2.98 per litre) Typical of American pale ale, this is centred around American cascade hops - which add classic floral and, here, mint aromas to the finished product. Light in colour and gentle in style, this version's flavour range is cereal and biscuit based with firm bitterness and just a hint of sweetness.

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Date:Mar 23, 2019
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