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4 LighTri-312 DL.

The LighTri-312 DL is stylish, functional lightweight, protective Torso-Pack designed for a small DSLR with lens attached, plus up to 2 additional lenses and accessories, OR a Micro HDV camcorder with accessories. Carry your gear either on your back or up front, and simply switch from one position to the other by swinging the bag from back to front to grab your camera/camcorder for shooting. For a long haul a second balancing strap can be used for comfortable transportation. The main compartment holds your small DSLR/camcorder in top grip position. Use the Aeriform dividers to create compartments alongside the main camera set-up for additional lenses, flash or other accessories. A cell phone pocket located on the side provides easy access when on the go.

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Publication:Investigate HIS
Date:Apr 1, 2014
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