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4,700 Wacoal customers' data leaked.

KYOTO, Nov. 19 Kyodo

Information about 4,757 Wacoal Corp. customers, including their addresses, phone and credit card numbers, has been leaked from its online shopping server, the Kyoto-based underwear maker said Saturday.

Of the 1,899 customers whose credit card numbers and expiry dates were leaked, 10 cards were used illegally but the money has not yet been withdrawn, the company said.

Wacoal said it has suspended the online shopping since Thursday evening in order to prevent further leakage, which was caused by unlawful computer access in October, while filing a claim with the Kyoto prefectural police.

The customers' names and purchase histories were not leaked from the server, according to the company.
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Publication:Japan Computer Industry Scan
Geographic Code:9JAPA
Date:Nov 21, 2005
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