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3am: Troubled Waterman; SOAP NANNY SPLITS FROM LOVER.

SHE plays the EastEnders nanny in the throes of a torrid, on-off fling with her boss, the slimy Ian Beale.

But away from the soap set, Hannah Waterman is going through a confusing split with her long-term boyfriend.

Hannah, 24, has moved out of the South London home she shared with cameraman Phil Asprey and has moved back in with her famous dad, former Sweeney and Minder star Dennis Waterman.

While Hannah is informing friends that they have broken up, Phil's side of the story is very curious. He has been telling pals that they are still together.

The couple met four years ago on the set of the BBC drama The Locksmith. Hannah was in her final year studying English and Theatre Studies at Warwick University when she went up for the audition.

Her actor dad tried to stop her going along as he thought it would interfere with her finals. But Hannah won a part and met Phil, who was on the film crew. She said recently: "Although he is quite shy, he kept looking at me and made it obvious he fancied me.

"I thought he was gorgeous, too." But friends say the relationship had run its course. "They were both gutted but realised that although they still cared deeply for each other, it was best they went their separate ways," says a pal.

"Hannah is trying to get on with her life and doesn't want to dwell on the split."

The actress has ruled out the chance of romance on the set of the BBC soap.

She said recently: "In this business, it's brilliant having a partner who supports and understands you.

"But a relationship with another actor wouldn't work for me. There are always tricky issues when two actors get involved."

As long as you're sure, Hannah.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Callan, Jessica
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 14, 2000
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