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3am: JORDAN BUST UP; Girls in loo Frenzy over Pop Idol Gareth.

Byline: Jessica Callan, Niki Waldegrave, Suzanne Kerins

THERE'S nothing 3am enjoy more than a good, old-fashioned bitch fight over a man.

And when it ends with Jordan coming off worse, then we couldn't be more excited.

Geri Halliwell's niece Mandy Davis - who has reportedly been linked to Gareth Gates - got the full-on Jordan treatment at London's Sugar Reef Club last week.

The mother of the year was in a party mood as usual at the bash with pals when she caught sight of blonde Mandy, 19, who is a singer with new girlband, Frenzy. While Mandy was in the ladies' toilet, the ludicrously over-inflated "glamour" model Jordan started to give her death stares. Jordan - who claimed she had taken Gareth's virginity earlier this year, (let's face it, he probably didn't have much a choice in the matter) - couldn't ignore the younger, prettier girl.

And in time honoured fashion, 24-year-old Jordan did what she does best - and brought the tone right down.

"I'd give Gareth a better one than you'd ever dream of," she yelled at Mandy.

A better what, dear? Anyway, we're pleased to say that Mandy gave as good as she got.

"Mandy was very upset, but she wasn't going to be spoken to like that by someone like Jordan. She told her, 'I'm not a tart like you. He doesn't even like you,'" says our well-placed source.

"It was real handbags at dawn. Jordan then called her a bitch and it all went downhill from there.

"Mandy gave her a slap and Jordan fell to the floor. She was a bit OTT on the drink - as she always is."

An image we'll cherish...

We're told that Jordan's wiser friends dragged her out of the West End club before things got even messier.

"Mandy really put Jordan in her place. She got everything she deserved," confirmed Mandy's manager, Chris Nathaniel.

When we put the story to Jordan's management a spokesman said: "Jordan has not been to Sugar Reef for four or five weeks, she doesn't know a Mandy Davis. There was no fracas."

Gareth wasn't at the club during the fight.

The 18-year-old Bradford-born singer has been trying very hard to maintain his squeaky clean image. But 3am revealed last month how he was bragging to Westlife's Bryan McFadden about his night of passion with a mystery woman.

Now the lucky boy has women fighting over him. Could life get any better, Gareth?


MIDDLE MAN: Jordan, Gareth and Mandy
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 7, 2002
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