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3am: CAUGHT ON CAM; Timberlake and Diaz share night of passion.


WE hope you're sitting down Emma Bunton, because we've got some bad news.

This is the picture that's bound to break her heart - Emma's on/off man Justin Timberlake sharing a passionate snog with Cameron Diaz.

Emma, 27, has had us cringing with embarrassment at her efforts to try to snare girlie-voiced Justin over the past few months.

But she's finally lost the battle... to beautiful, rich, successful, statuesque Cameron. Shame.

And here's the proof - the loved-up Americans sucking each others' faces in Justin's Cadillac outside Cameron's Hollywood Hills home. The pictures were taken on Thursday morning after a night of passion following the Charlie's Angels 2 premiere.

And Justin clearly wasn't thinking about Emma. Or Britney, Kylie, Dannii, Janet Jackson, Alyssa Milano and the numerous dancers he has dated.

But despite his impressive track record with the ladies, we've got to admit that he's excelled himself by scoring with 30-year-old Cameron.

The lovebirds first set tongues wagging in April at the Los Angeles Nickelodeon Kids Awards and sources say it's been game on ever since.

They were spotted dancing together at AD club in LA. Four days later they went to the Deuce club and they've also been bowling at the Sports Centre Bowl in LA. Later that night Cameron picked up a takeaway sushi meal while Justin waited in a car outside.

Emma was one of thousands of fans who threw themselves at 22-year-old Justin when he came to the UK in January and she's admitted they had "been together" after a night's partying in London club Pangaea.

Then last month Emma decided to have another crack at Justin by making a beeline for him at the opening of Rex cinema and bar.

However, instead of being subtle, insiders revealed she was all over him like a rash and stooped to nipping into a private screening room where she spent 30 minutes with the heart-throb.

Ms Diaz is aware that Justin has most of the female population lusting after him but she isn't likely to talk about it.

She's fiercely guarded about her private life and always refused to talk about her four-year relationship with actor Jared Leto which finished a few months ago.

But will this one last or is Cameron just another notch on Justin's increasingly-crowded bedpost?

You can bet we'll be quizzing her for inside gossip on his prowess when she comes to London in two weeks for the UK premiere of Charlie's Angels 2.

We can't wait...


GAME ON: Cameron and Justin share a lingering kiss; Pictures:BAUER-GRIFFIN / MATRIX; LOVED UP: Cameron
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 21, 2003
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