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3Q inc. Launches 3-D `Q Clone Generators' for Electronic Gaming Community At Babbage's Etc.

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Technology Allows PC Gamers to Transform Into the Main Character

3Q inc., a pioneer in 3-D human form capture technology for the electronic gaming industry, today launches its "Q Clone Generator" in leading Babbage's Etc., LLC's stores in San Jose, Seattle and Dallas.

For the first time ever in the electronic gaming industry, PC gamers will be able to capture their 3-D image (a.k.a. virtual clone), customize their clone and easily upload it into popular games such as Quake III Arena(TM) and Half-Life Opposing Force.

With its quick, safe, non-laser image capture technique known as Digital Surface Photogrammetry (DSP), 3Q delivers a technology-first directly to the consumer. As is typical with previous 3-D image-capture techniques, any slight movements from the subject during the capture process can drastically impact the accuracy and quality of the final image. 3Q's DSP technology eliminates this variable by achieving unprecedented capture times, as low as 8 milliseconds.

"This technology has been in development for more than five years and is already in use by the medical community. It is now set to revolutionize the home entertainment and gaming experience," said Chris Lane, CEO of 3Q. "For the first time ever, gamers will be able to walk into their local Babbage's Etc. store and walk out with their 3-D virtual clone identity, which contains their game-specific personality. It's truly going to change the approach to home entertainment."

"For years, Babbage's Etc. stores have been committed to bringing members of the electronic gaming community together in real world events which enable them to interact and compete. Now, with 3Q's "Q Clone Generators," we are able to promote a virtual community by bringing our customers together in a multiplayer online gaming environment," said Roxanne Koepsell, VP of Marketing, Babbage's Etc. "Babbage's is always looking for technologies that bring our customers together and 3Q definitely fits the bill."

"3Q's technology is exciting for the electronic gaming community because it enables players to immerse themselves into their favorite games," said David Eddings, director of promotions at Gathering of Developers, Inc., a developer-driven computer and video game publisher. "This technology will take games such as Quake III and Rune to the next level. The biggest impact, however, will be in Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) such as the upcoming Shadowbane game. In these types of games players build unique online identities in a persistent universe. Already, some MMORPG players view their online personas as living, breathing characters. 3Q's technology further bridges the gap between virtual and reality."

To bridge this gap, 3Q enables gamers to:

 -- Capture their 3-D image in 8 milliseconds

 -- Manipulate and customize their 3-D image as desired in the
 store by distorting the face with aging techniques, adding
 scars, choosing body types, etc., thus allowing a person to
 have multiple game personalities

 -- Upload their 3-D image into the latest computer games and
 compete in multiplayer gaming environments

About 3Q Incorporated

3Q Inc. is a pioneer in 3-D human form capture technology for the electronic gaming industry. Through its "Q Clone Generators," similar in form to a passport photo-booth, PC gamers, for the first time ever, are able to capture their 3-D image (a.k.a. virtual clone), customize their clone and easily upload it into computer games such as Quake III Arena(TM). In addition to its consumer product, 3Q has made a commitment to the game development community by establishing 3Qlabs. 3Qlabs is exclusively focused on providing game developers with system solutions, which address productivity issues surrounding the digital recreation and animation of the 3-D human form. For more information, visit

3Q - The face of gaming has changed, and the face is yours.

About Babbage's Etc. LLC

Babbage's Etc., owned by Barnes & Noble Inc. (NYSE: BKS), is the world's largest video game and PC entertainment specialty retailer, operating more than 950 stores including Babbage's, Software Etc., GameStop, and FuncoLand, and the e-commerce Web site --, which features the world's largest selection of gaming products including video game and entertainment software. Babbage's Etc. also publishes the monthly Game Informer magazine with over 200,000 subscribers.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 10, 2000
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