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 LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- The 3DO Company (NASDAQ: THDO) today announced plans to launch the 3DO(TM) Interactive Multiplayer(TM) system worldwide in 1994 with multiple hardware manufacturers as partners.
 At the Winter Consumer Electronics Show (WCES) here, 3DO said the library of software titles for the 3DO system continues to grow. Eighteen software titles are currently available in stores nationwide, more than 200 titles are in development, and the company anticipates that more than 100 new titles will ship in 1994. Twenty-three 3DO licensees showcased 43 titles at WCES (see list below).
 AT&T unveiled three 3DO products for U.S. distribution in the fall: a CD-based 3DO Interactive Multiplayer system; the VoiceSpan adapter that connects to any 3DO Interactive Multiplayer system, so users can play software titles remotely with other players while talking over regular telephone lines; and a 3DO Interactive Multiplayer system with built-in AT&T VoiceSpan capabilities. Sanyo announced plans to release a 3DO system in Japan later this year, and said it is evaluating the timing of its U.S. launch.
 3DO also announced the creation of a software ratings system designed to provide consumers with the information they need to make informed decisions when purchasing software. Titles for the 3DO system are expected to begin carrying the 3DO-designed ratings symbols in March 1994.
 "We're well positioned to set the next consumer electronics standard, and 1994 will be our year to make significant progress in reaching that goal," said Trip Hawkins, president and chief executive officer, The 3DO Company. "Our mission in 1993 was to capture the beach; we had an ambitious set of goals and we accomplished everything we set out to do."
 The REAL(TM) 3DO Interactive Multiplayer system, launched by Panasonic in October 1993, is currently sold through more than 2,000 retail outlets nationwide. 3DO anticipates that four brands of the CD-based system will be available by fall of this year.
 "Consumer response to 3DO has been outstanding. The 'innovators' -- consumers who appreciate new levels of performance and the interactivity provided by the 3DO system -- have confirmed that we have a winner," Hawkins added.
 The CD-based 3DO system will be available in Europe and Japan by the summer, and multiple brands will be distributed through more than 30,000 retail outlets worldwide by fall.
 The 3DO Company, which formed 3DO Japan in July 1993, will open a European office this spring to support the growing number of European licensees.
 "3DO is moving rapidly to establish a worldwide standard," Hawkins said. "Our licensees are confident our technology will succeed in a global market this year, and we're doing everything we can to support them."
 Underscoring the growing support of the software community, more than 100 companies have become 3DO licensees since the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer came to retail shelves in October 1993.
 "Software industry support for 3DO continues to build," Hawkins said. "3DO has delivered a technology and a way of doing business that the software industry believes in, and that's why we have the largest number of companies ever dedicated to a platform. With 3DO, software companies have the advanced technology they want to develop for and a fair way of doing business that allows all players to win.
 "Our licensees are investing significant amounts of their own money in 3DO technology, which is a meaningful vote of confidence for the 3DO platform," Hawkins added.
 The 3DO system delivers a breakthrough in audio and video realism with interactive software that appeals to the audiences of all ages, bridging the gap between video game systems and home computers. The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer system provides up to 50 times the graphics performance of standard PCs and video game systems. Designed to be a worldwide standard like VHS, the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer system also plays music CDs, photo CDs and video CDs.
 Based in Redwood City, Calif., The 3DO Company is backed by a unique coalition of partners from consumer electronics, communications, entertainment and software industries. Investors include Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., the world's largest manufacturer of consumer electronics and pare ?of Panasonic, National, Quasar and Technics; AT&T, one of the world's leading communications and computer companies; Time Warner, a leading media and entertainment company; Electronic Arts, the leading entertainment software publisher; and Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.
 The following companies are showcasing their 3DO(TM) titles for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer(TM) at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show, Jan. 6-9, in Las Vegas:
 American Laser Games Who Shot Johnny Rock?(TM)
 Crystal Dynamics Crash 'N Burn(TM)
 Total Eclipse(TM)
 The Horde(TM)
 Star Control II(TM)
 Orion Off-Road(TM)
 Digital Pictures Night Trap
 Dynamix Stellar 7: Draxon's Revenge(TM)
 The EVEN MORE Incredible Machine(TM)
 Electronic Arts A Visit to Sesame Street: Numbers
 Escape from Monster Manor(TM)
 John Madden Football(TM)
 Peter Pan: A Story Painting(TM) Adventure
 PGA Tour(R) Golf
 Road Rash(TM)
 Shock Wave(TM): Invasion Earth 2019
 Super Wing Commander(R)
 Theme Park(TM)
 Twisted(TM): The Game Show
 GameTek Family Feud(TM)
 Humongous Entertainment Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon(TM)
 Intellimedia ESPN Baseball
 ESPN Football
 IntelliPlay Cowboy Casino
 Lower Your Score with Tom Kite
 Interplay Productions Out of This World(TM)
 Battle Chess(TM)
 MCA Home Video Woody Woodpecker Cartoons
 MicroProse C.P.U. Bach(TM)
 Naughty Dog Way of the Warrior
 ORIGIN Entertainment Super Wing Commander(R)
 Paramount Interactive Rock, Rap 'N Roll 2(TM)
 PF Magic PaTaank(TM)
 Psygnosis Lemmings(TM)
 ReadySoft Dragon's Lair
 Sanctuary Woods Dennis Miller That's News to Me
 The Software Toolworks 20th Century Video Almanac(TM)
 The San Diego Zoo(TM) Presents...
 The Animals!
 Spectrum HoloByte Star Trek: The Next Generation(R)
 Tetragon Gridders(TM)
 Universal Interactive
 Studios Jurassic Park Interactive
 Videoact V ToonTime(TM)
 Virgin Games Ltd. Demolition Man(TM)
 NOTE: 3DO and Interactive Multiplayer are trademarks of The 3DO Company. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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