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Big 5 experts back speedy adoption of 3D printing in Mideast. Nov 29, 2020 993
Volkswagen invests in Stratasys 3D printing technology. Nov 25, 2020 153
Effectiveness of a patient-specific 3-dimensional printed model in Septal Myectomy of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Yang Wang, Hongchang Guo, Shengwei Wang and Yongqiang Lai Nov 24, 2020 3067
3D printing company Relativity Space raises $500m funding. Staff Reporter Nov 24, 2020 401
Printing the future. Nov 23, 2020 599
Immensa Technology Labs Acquires Two 3D Printing Firms in Saudi Arabia. Nov 18, 2020 246
Immensa Technology Labs Acquires Two 3D Printing Firms in Saudi Arabia. Nov 18, 2020 276
Immensa acquires two 3D-printing companies in Saudi Arabia. Nov 17, 2020 479
Esprit Cam ties up with Alma Cam for robot additive DED. Nov 17, 2020 394
3D printing and geopolitics: Marcal Sanmarti suggests that a revolutionary new manufacturing technology could have profound impact on international relations in future. Sanmarti, Marcal Nov 1, 2020 1842
Additive Manufacturing: Debinding Fluids Must-Haves. Hurtubise, Venesia Nov 1, 2020 1498
The Printed World: Medical additive manufacturing experts discuss key factors impacting the market both during and post-pandemic. Brusco, Sam Nov 1, 2020 3593
US Firm to Start 3D Printing Kidneys using Israeli Technology. Oct 20, 2020 375
DFF activates 3D Printing Strategic Alliance. Oct 18, 2020 396
Podcast: 3D printing gains steam amid COVID-19. Disha Dadlani Oct 13, 2020 431
Qosina Partners with Resolution Medical to Offer a 3D-Printed Sterile Nasal Swab for COVID-19 Testing. Oct 7, 2020 193
Azul 3D signs development collaboration with DuPont. Oct 6, 2020 180
Azul 3D signs development collaboration with DuPont. Oct 6, 2020 178
Bridging the Gap Between 3D Printing and Traditional Manufacturing: At Essentium, both 3D printers and materials receive starring roles. Caliendo, Heather Oct 1, 2020 1568
Al and Plastics: The Revolution Begins: Artificial intelligence is evolving from a machine-learning tool to a vital production and quality control capability. Romeo, Jim Cover story Oct 1, 2020 2201
Auto OEMs Tap AM/3DP for Low-Volume Parts: Polymer-based additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies benefit automakers, parts suppliers, and consumers. Malnati, Peggy Oct 1, 2020 1696
Signicast signs 3D printing partnership. Oct 1, 2020 230
Renishaw's Parkinson's treatment and additive manufacturing could add billions in value, says Berenberg. Sep 25, 2020 445
Made In Space is sending the first ceramic manufacturing facility in space to the ISS next week. Sep 23, 2020 316
RTA, Serco build Dubai Metro spare parts using 3D printing. Anup Oommen Sep 21, 2020 354
RTA, Serco build Dubai Metro spare parts using 3D printing. Anup Oommen Sep 20, 2020 385
3D Printing: A Viable Option in the Mitigation of COVID-19 Pandemic. Harikrishnan, Pandurangan; Krishnan, Avinesh; Krishnac, Varun Sep 20, 2020 1476
Hawk Ridge Systems Acquires Quest Integration to Expand Access to 3D Design Tools. Sep 11, 2020 221
Hawk Ridge Systems Acquires Quest Integration to Expand Access to 3D Design Tools. Sep 11, 2020 189
Uni team design 3D-printed swab that could test for virus. Sep 8, 2020 358
Covid-19 swabs 3D-printed by researchers at university. Sep 8, 2020 196
Nexa 3D Acquires NXT Factory. Sep 1, 2020 320
Icon aids USMC in 3D printing demonstration. Sep 1, 2020 667
Printing Technologies Improve Automotive Tooling and Molding: Additive manufacturing produces better parts, faster, and at lower cost. Malnati, Peggy Sep 1, 2020 1414
Better Cooling Through Printing. Sep 1, 2020 512
New Wave Automaking: Enhanced plastics, composites, and additive manufacturing techniques are generating lighter and sturdier vehicles for evolving market needs. Romeo, Jim Sep 1, 2020 2437
Victrex Tailors PAEK Filament for Additive Manufacturing. Sep 1, 2020 291
Archer Materials builds proof-of-concept cartridge components for biosensor device. Sep 1, 2020 403
Microstructure, Mechanical Properties, and Residual Stress Distribution of AISI 316L Stainless Steel Part Fabricated by Laser Metal Deposition. Gu, Jiayang; Li, Ruifeng; Qiu, Yi; Yue, Hangyu; Liu, Bin; Gu, Heng Aug 31, 2020 4013
Printing Up Safety. Groth, John Aug 29, 2020 1049
FATHOM Acquires GPI Prototype and Manufacturing Services to Expand Position in Digital Manufacturing. Aug 25, 2020 157
FATHOM Acquires GPI to Strengthen Position in On-Demand Manufacturing. Aug 20, 2020 153
FATHOM Acquires GPI to Strengthen Position in On-Demand Manufacturing. Aug 20, 2020 181
MakerBot CloudPrint Debuts New Workflow for 3D Printing Collaboration. Aug 20, 2020 259
MakerBot CloudPrint Debuts New Workflow for 3D Printing Collaboration. Aug 20, 2020 272
MakerBot CloudPrint Debuts New Workflow for 3D Printing Collaboration. Aug 20, 2020 272
Printing company signs a deal with US manufacturer. Aug 18, 2020 220
DEWA credits R&D Centre for boosts in productivity. Jason Saundalkar Aug 17, 2020 349
Dewa uses 3D printing to boost productivity. Aug 17, 2020 365
DEWA credits R&D Centre for boosts in productivity. Jason Saundalkar Aug 17, 2020 349
DEWA to use 3D printing to boost productivity, operational efficiency. Anup Oommen Aug 17, 2020 407
Lubrizol Acquires Avid Product Development to Boost 3D Printing Capabilities. Aug 6, 2020 163
Stratasys reports Q2 EPS (13c), consensus (20c). Aug 5, 2020 188
UAE 3D printing sector to reach $599m by 2025. Aug 5, 2020 256
Print company forms a bond with another top brand. Aug 4, 2020 237
3-D DESIGN: People with spinal-cord injuries can turn to 3-D printing to make devices that will help them in their daily lives. Laverman, Amanda Aug 1, 2020 1350
Dynamic Lifecycle Cost Modeling for Adaptable Design Optimization of Additively Remanufactured Aeroengine Components. Lawand, Lydia; Panarotto, Massimo; Andersson, Petter; Isaksson, Ola; Kokkolaras, Michael Technical report Aug 1, 2020 8857
2020 Sand Casting and Additive Manufacturing Conference. Cover story Aug 1, 2020 167
Influence of process parameters on thermal and mechanical properties of polylactic acid fabricated by fused filament fabrication. Vanaei, Hamidreza; Shirinbayan, Mohammadali; Deligant, Michael; Raissi, Kaddour; Fitoussi, Joseph; K Aug 1, 2020 5356
Enhancing the mechanical properties of 3D printed polylactic acid using nanocellulose. Ambone, Tushar; Torris, Arun; Shanmuganathan, Kadhiravan Aug 1, 2020 6909
The forming process of polymer melt droplet deposition three-dimensional printing. Ma, Haopeng; Jiao, Zhiwei; Wang, Chengshuo; Luo, Bin; Yang, Weimin Report Aug 1, 2020 6561
Evolution of Computer-Aided Process Planning for Hybrid Additive/Subtractive Process. Abdulhameed, Osama; Al-Ahmari, Abdulrahman; Mian, Syed Hammad; Dabwan, Abdulmajeed; Alkhalefah, Hish Jul 31, 2020 10570
Investigation of the Anisotropic Characteristics of Layered Rocks under Uniaxial Compression Based on the 3D Printing Technology and the Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method. He, Fan; Liu, Quansheng; Deng, Penghai Jul 31, 2020 5927
Gait Analysis after Total Knee Arthroplasty Assisted by 3D-Printed Personalized Guide. Sun, Maolin; Zhang, Ying; Peng, Yang; Fu, Dejie; Fan, Huaquan; He, Rui Jul 31, 2020 4952
The rise of advanced technology in construction. Jul 28, 2020 957
The rise of advanced technology in construction. Jul 27, 2020 1541
Coronavirus crisis opens new vistas for Middle East's 3D printing pioneers. Keith J Fernandez Jul 23, 2020 893
Dubai Production City's Immensa expands into KSA. Ashley Williams Jul 22, 2020 352
Vibrant partners with Airbus to implement 3-D additive manufacturing. Jul 20, 2020 274
Vibrant partners with Airbus to implement 3-D additive manufacturing. Jul 20, 2020 262
Immensa forecasts UAE's 3D-printing sector to hit $599m by 2025. Ashley Williams Jul 19, 2020 347
UAE 3D printing sector to reach $599m by 2025. Jul 16, 2020 632
Development of 15-dB Gain Conical Horn Antenna Using 3D Printing Technology. Karakoc, Murat Can; Sahin, Asaf Behzat Report Jul 14, 2020 2335
BMW opens new research centre for 3D printing. Jul 13, 2020 892
Oman makes face shields using 3D printing technology. Jul 12, 2020 343
Omani firm manufactures antimicrobial face shields using 3D printing. ONA Jul 12, 2020 239
Hensoldt, Nano Dimension 3-D Print 10-Layer PCB. Jul 1, 2020 172
Quikrete continues expansion into 3D printing with housing demos. Jul 1, 2020 407
Nano-silica modification of UV-curable EVA resin for additive manufacturing. Xue, Hanyu; Ye, Yuansong; Li, Xinzhong; Xia, Jianrong; Lin, Qi Jul 1, 2020 4710
Effects of Thermal Cycle and Ultraviolet Radiation on 3D Printed Carbon Fiber/Polyether Ether Ketone Ablator. Abdullah, Farhan; Okuyama, Kei-ichi; Morimitsu, Akito; Yamagata, Naofumi Technical report Jul 1, 2020 9680
Rush to Judgment: Printed thermoforming tools speed prototyping trials and get initial products to market--and buyers--faster than conventional molds. Giordano, Geoff Cover story Jul 1, 2020 2055
Our Regular Roundup of Notable Patents. Corneliussen, Roger Jul 1, 2020 1837
High Frequency Vibration Fatigue Behavior of Ti6Al4V Fabricated by Wire-Fed Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing Technology. Wanjara, P.; Gholipour, J.; Watanabe, E.; Watanabe, K.; Sugino, T.; Patnaik, P.; Sikan, F.; Brochu, Jun 30, 2020 7520
Parametric Optimization of Laser Additive Manufacturing of Inconel 625 Using Taguchi Method and Grey Relational Analysis. Yang, Bo; Lai, Youbin; Yue, Xiang; Wang, Dongyang; Zhao, Yuhui Jun 30, 2020 5744
Redwire Acquires Made In Space, Space Manufacturing Technologies. Jun 26, 2020 244
Redwire Acquires Made In Space, Space Manufacturing Technologies. Jun 26, 2020 233
Strategic Elements files multiple patents on autonomous robotics technology. Jun 24, 2020 808
3D Gloop and printing supplier form strong new bond. Jun 23, 2020 247
THE RIGHT TO CODE AND SHARE ARMS. Blackman, Josh Jun 22, 2020 14941
Meat on Demand: Israeli Company is 3D Printing Steaks. Jun 17, 2020 545
Uni pandemic effort in spotlight; Staff and students work hard to protect and assist community. Jun 17, 2020 907
amplify additive. Jun 15, 2020 401
Lincotek Medical. Jun 15, 2020 299
2020/2021 Buyer's Guide. Buyers guide Jun 15, 2020 15316
QF partner Tamuq, JTC to introduce 3D printing in construction. Jun 11, 2020 429
3D printing of ear guards for NHS workers. Jun 10, 2020 158
Global 3D printing industry revenue to surge 155pc. Jun 10, 2020 526
Tamuq, JTC sign pact for 3D printing of buildings. Jun 10, 2020 396
Kingsbury expands additive portfolio. Jun 8, 2020 614
Omani companies use 3D printing to make COVID-19 protective gear. Times News Service Jun 6, 2020 590
EIB, Voxeljet expand partnership to bring 3D printing into series production. Jun 1, 2020 167
The Effect of Post-Processing on the Mechanical Behavior of Ti6A14V Manufactured by Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion for General Aviation Primary Structural Applications. Pirozzi, Carmine; Franchitti, Stefania; Borrelli, Rosario; Chiariello, Antonio; Di Palma, Luigi Jun 1, 2020 7592
Selective Laser Melting of Aluminum and Titanium Matrix Composites: Recent Progress and Potential Applications in the Aerospace Industry. Fereiduni, Eskandar; Ghasemi, Ali; Elbestawi, Mohamed Jun 1, 2020 13913
Diversity Works: Hybrid materials expand the performance and application potential of additive manufacturing. Giordano, Geoff Jun 1, 2020 1132
In Case You Missed It. Jun 1, 2020 734
3D Printing Helps Close the Loop for Armor's Circular Economy. Hendrixson, Stephanie Jun 1, 2020 1516
Heat-Resistant 3D Printing Material Suited to Plastic Tooling. Jun 1, 2020 278
Advancements in 3D Printing Technology: Applications and Options for Prosthetic Dentistry. Onoral, Ozay; Abugofa, Amr Jun 1, 2020 5360
LAYING GROUNDWORK for High Speed Sand Printing: The next generation of printing materials will be required to balance quality and speed, all while trying to reach higher production rates. Thiel, Jerry; Bryant, Nathaniel; Woods, Kip Jun 1, 2020 2236
2020 Sand Casting and Additive Manufacturing Conference. Conference news Jun 1, 2020 154
Three-Dimensional-Printed Poly-L-Lactic Acid Scaffolds with Different Pore Sizes Influence Periosteal Distraction Osteogenesis of a Rabbit Skull. Zhao, Danyang; Jiang, Wenbo; Wang, Yu; Wang, Chuandong; Zhang, Xiaoling; Li, Qingfeng; Han, Dong May 31, 2020 7946
Conventional Construction and 3D Printing: A Comparison Study on Material Cost in Jordan. Allouzi, Rawan; Azhari, Wael Al-; Allouzi, Rabab Report May 31, 2020 7790
WORLD'S LARGEST 3D-PRINTED BUILDING OPENS IN DUBAI ... completed in just 2 weeks of construction. May 31, 2020 347
Consortium providing PPE for frontline staff. CHARLOTTE GOSLING @char_gosling May 27, 2020 424
3D Printz secures another new distribution deal as it expands its product range. JAMES PUGH May 26, 2020 242
Mubadala to manufacture medical supplies in UAE. Arab News May 26, 2020 505
Mubadala leverages assets to produce Covid protective gears. May 21, 2020 662
UP Diliman doing its share in fight against COVID-19. May 20, 2020 439
College 3D printing vital visors for staff. May 18, 2020 463
Stratasys reports Q1 EPS (19c), consensus (5c). Financial report May 14, 2020 176
Lauren swaps library role for PPE duties. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS May 13, 2020 447
German 3D printing buffs pitch in with virus-fighting network. May 13, 2020 285
Dubai 3D printing company pitches in to fight COVID-19. Gulf News Web Report May 9, 2020 405
INCITS, IEEE-ISTO PWG to Work Together on 3D Printing Standards. May 8, 2020 338
INCITS, IEEE-ISTO PWG to Work Together on 3D Printing Standards. May 8, 2020 352
INCITS, IEEE-ISTO PWG to Work Together on 3D Printing Standards. May 8, 2020 352
Engine Shed makes visors for NHS staff. May 6, 2020 271
>> Financial planner uses 3D printer to help virus fight; IN BRIEF. May 6, 2020 212
Plymouth Science Park uses 3D printing facilities to provide PPE for the Covid-19 crisis; DR FAY DAVIES BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER SPONSORED CONTENT. May 6, 2020 432
Omantel harness its CSR initiatives to provide medical equipment using 3D printers. May 5, 2020 446
Mubadala Healthcare and NYUAD join forces to 3D print medical supplies. Jason Saundalkar May 5, 2020 547
Mubadala Healthcare and NYUAD join forces to 3D print medical supplies. Jason Saundalkar May 5, 2020 547
3D printers and national security. Ali Salman / BEENISH JAVED May 4, 2020 761
Omantel harness its CSR initiatives to provide medical equipment using 3D printers. Times News Service May 4, 2020 326
Mubadala unit eyes 3D printing for Covid equipment needs. May 4, 2020 530
America's garage hobbyists fight the pandemic with 3D printers. Jeff Green Bloomberg May 3, 2020 1340
Tata team prints shields for NHS. May 1, 2020 204
Current State of (Design) Mind: Medtech designers have an array of new tools to use for medical device development, enabling better solutions for healthcare. Crawford, Mark May 1, 2020 2706
Kingsbury expands additive portfolio. May 1, 2020 239
It's still the right time to invest in next-generation technologies: Counter-intuitive, perhaps, but adoption of technologies like mobile robots and 3D printing will be accelerated as a result of the pandemic. Trebilcock, Bob May 1, 2020 645
In Case You Missed It. May 1, 2020 525
An Experimental Study of Nozzle Temperature and Heat Treatment (Annealing) Effects on Mechanical Properties of High-Temperature Polylactic Acid in Fused Deposition Modeling. Akhoundi, Behnam; Nabipour, Mojtaba; Hajami, Faramarz; Shakoori, Diana Report May 1, 2020 4814
Rheological behavior of neat and carbon fiber-reinforced poly(ether ketone ketone) for extrusion deposition additive manufacturing. Kishore, Vidya; Ajinjeru, Christine; Hassen, Ahmed A.; Lindahl, John; Kune, Vlastimil; Duty, Chad May 1, 2020 5186
A Hybrid Supply Chain: 3D printing plus conventional manufacturing creates a nimble production environment. Giordano, Geoff May 1, 2020 514
Printing Plus: Additives are taking 3D printing to the next level. Giordano, Geoff May 1, 2020 658
3D Printing Eyes Sustainability: Retuned polymers and biosustainable materials meet process needs and post-use requirements. Giordano, Geoff Cover story May 1, 2020 1928
Our Regular Roundup of Notable Patents. Corneliussen, Roger List May 1, 2020 1899
The ExOne Company. Hartner, John May 1, 2020 556
Hoosier Pattern. Gerber, Keith May 1, 2020 558
What You Should Know About Miniature Extrusion Screws. Frankland, Jim May 1, 2020 761
RADTECH 2020 COVERS LATEST IN ENERGY CURING: Speakers offer insights into new technologies for coatings and inks. Savastano, David May 1, 2020 2116
Assessment and Comparison of Various MCDM Approaches in the Selection of Manufacturing Process. Ghaleb, Atef M.; Kaid, Husam; Alsamhan, Ali; Mian, Syed Hammad; Hidri, Lotfi Apr 30, 2020 10713
Microstructure and Properties of a 2.25Cr1Mo0.25V Heat-Resistant Steel Produced by Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing. Guo, Chun; Liu, Suhang; Hu, Ruizhang; Liu, Chunhui; Chen, Feng Apr 30, 2020 4723
How a Small Tribal College Stepped up to Make Face Shields For Health Workers. Weissman, Sara Apr 30, 2020 714
Properties of 3D Printable Poly(lactic acid)/Poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) Blends and Nano Talc Composites. Prasong, Wattanachai; Muanchan, Paritat; Ishigami, Akira; Thumsorn, Supaphorn; Kurose, Takashi; Ito, Apr 30, 2020 8662
COVID-19: The inside of a lab that manufactures face shields for doctors. Sara Al Shurafa, Senior News Editor Apr 30, 2020 365
Engineering help for front line. Apr 28, 2020 260
Kingsbury expands additive manufacturing portfolio. Apr 27, 2020 668
COVID-19: Dubai Health Authority makes face masks using 3D-printed technology for frontliners. Gulf News Report Apr 25, 2020 469
Invertek's 3D printing tech switched to produce PPE. Apr 25, 2020 267
3D Printing: A "newborn, niche market" climbing to the top. Disha Dadlani Apr 25, 2020 1254
SRTI Park CEO discusses "breakthroughs" in 3D printing. Anup Oommen Apr 24, 2020 1004
Stratasys and Origin Partner to Bring 3D-Printed Nasopharyngeal Swabs to Healthcare Providers for COVID-19 Testing. Apr 23, 2020 372
3D Printing: The shape of things to come. Apr 23, 2020 2351
Sharjah-based firm produces 3D-printed face masks. Apr 21, 2020 403
Masks are created from conservatory. Apr 21, 2020 200
Duo unite to provide vital equipment for care workers. Apr 21, 2020 232
3D printer enthusiasts unite to produce face shields and masks. Mick Zawislak Apr 21, 2020 490
3D printer enthusiasts in the suburbs unite to produce face shields and masks. Mick Zawislak Apr 21, 2020 503
Charity uses 3D printing technology to help effort; PPE. DAVID MACKAY Apr 21, 2020 253
Immensa makes 3D-printed masks, visors at SRTI Park to curb COVID-19. Anup Oommen Apr 21, 2020 361
Pair printing vital PPE for frontline NHS staff; +++CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19+++CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19+++CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19+++. ZOE PHILLIPS Apr 20, 2020 590
Bully delivers much-needed face shields for NHS workers. Apr 16, 2020 330
University making visors for front line staff after plea for equipment. DAYNA FARRINGTON Apr 16, 2020 611
University making visors for front line staff after plea for equipment. DAYNA FARRINGTON Apr 16, 2020 611
Bully delivers much-needed face shields for NHS workers. Apr 16, 2020 330
COVID-19: Dubai Police provides 3D-printed face shields to frontline personnel. Gulf News Report Apr 15, 2020 385
Combating coronavirus: Dubai Police provide over 1,000 3D-printed face shields. Staff Report Apr 15, 2020 374
Coronavirus UAE: Print your own 3D face shield for better COVID-19 protection. Angel Tesorero, Staff Reporter Apr 14, 2020 823
Consortium producing PPE for NHS workers; ORGANISATIONS CO-OPERATING TO MAKE FACE VISORS. MAX CHANNON @maxc73 Apr 13, 2020 820
Cadbury has recipe for 3D printing essential visors. Apr 11, 2020 362
Cadbury has recipe for 3D printing essential visors. Apr 11, 2020 361
JLR turns its expertise to PPE as car production stops. Apr 9, 2020 358
DLSU engineering faculty produce face shields for hospitals, police. Apr 9, 2020 300
JLR starts production of visors. JOHN CORSER Apr 8, 2020 337
COVID-19: Precise Group develops 3D printed masks for workers. Disha Dadlani Apr 8, 2020 320
Adam is using his hobby to make vital health supplies. LISA O'BRIEN Apr 7, 2020 206
DOST accelerates production of more face shields for Covid-19 frontliners. Apr 7, 2020 476
Three-Dimensional Printing of Methacrylic Grafted Cellulose Nanocrystal-Reinforced Nanocomposites with Improved Properties. Wang, Bo; Liu, Jianxin; Chen, Ken; Wang, Yongzhi; Shao, Ziqiang Apr 1, 2020 6354
Department of Bad Ideas: 3D Printing a Tank. Magnuson, Stew Apr 1, 2020 155
U of I Researchers Demonstrate New Capability for Electronics Cooling Using Additive Manufacturing. Buetow, Mike Apr 1, 2020 438
Quikrete Cos. and Energy Department partner on 3D-printed concrete project. Apr 1, 2020 284
Nytrox as "Drop-in" Replacement for Gaseous Oxygen in SmallSat Hybrid Propulsion Systems. Whitmore, Stephen A. Report Apr 1, 2020 18089
3D Printing: Product Liability, Professional Liability and Other Tort Aspects of the Burgeoning Industry. Lipp, Jordan; Michalek, Steven Apr 1, 2020 3119
Skokie company puts 3-D tech into high gear to make COVID-19 masks. Richard Klicki Apr 1, 2020 349
Mercedes-Benz offers additive manufacturing experience to support production of medical equipment. Mar 31, 2020 183
Characterization and Application of Carboxymethyl Chitosan-Based Bioink in Cartilage Tissue Engineering. He, Yunfan; Derakhshanfar, Soroosh; Zhong, Wen; Li, Bingyun; Lu, Feng; Xing, Malcolm; Li, Xiaojian Mar 31, 2020 5130
Power Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing: Process Parameters, Microstructure, and Mechanical Properties. Gujba, Abdullahi K.; Medraj, Mamoun Mar 31, 2020 12351
The Enhanced Performance of Phase-Change Materials via 3D Printing with Prickly Aluminum Honeycomb for Thermal Management of Ternary Lithium Batteries. Cao, Ming; Huang, Juhua; Liu, Ziqiang Mar 31, 2020 5234
Influence of 3D Printed Topological Structure on Lightweight Mullite Load Bearing Board in Thermal Environment. Man, Yiran; Luo, Xudong; Xie, Zhipeng; Qu, Dianli Mar 31, 2020 3817
A Mummy Speaks. Mar 30, 2020 180
Pakistani volunteers 3D-print ventilators, join war against COVID-19. Mar 23, 2020 793
UAE firm to develop products to reduce COVID-19 transmission rate. Mar 22, 2020 606
3D Masks. Garbarino, Micah Mar 22, 2020 488
Czinger a zinger based on fighter jet. Mar 21, 2020 682
Ventilator parts put 3D printers on the front line. Mar 21, 2020 156
Company on standby to 'print' vital ventilators to help the fight. RORY SMITH Mar 20, 2020 249
Company on standby to 'print' vital ventilators to help the fight. RORY SMITH Mar 20, 2020 245
SRTI Park programme builds hub for advanced manufacturing tech. Anup Oommen Mar 19, 2020 409
3D printing stocks jump amid need for scarce medical supplies. Mar 18, 2020 234
Aprecia, Purdue Partner On 3D Printing of Drugs. Mar 16, 2020 328
Sintrex named best 3D-printed healthcare manufacturer. Mar 11, 2020 557
Huneed, MBDA sign 3D manufacturing technology development contract. Mar 4, 2020 376
QNRF grant for VCUarts Qatar professor to develop aerogel resin for 3D printing. Mar 1, 2020 385
Supporting Library Operational Needs With In-House 3D PRINTING. Goodson, Kymberly Anne; McAvoy, Scott Mar 1, 2020 2757
Stereolithography grows experimenters: New technologies, in particular, provide technology teachers and students with many opportunities for student experimentation. Flowers, Jim; Rose, Mary Annette Mar 1, 2020 1767
Lean Manufacturing and 3-D Printing: Additive processes are an effective tool toward the single-iteration design goal. Alvord, Robert; Mendez, Victor Mar 1, 2020 957
Building the Future of Industry, Layer by Layer: Long considered a hobby, additive manufacturing--or 3D printing--is now being used in a host of industrial applications. Giordano, Geoff Cover story Mar 1, 2020 2446
3D Printing: Reshaping our Engineering Culture? Innovative applications of 3D printing are reshaping our engineering culture. Romeo, Jim Mar 1, 2020 2585
Design of Additively Manufactured Lattice Structures for Biomedical Applications. Martorelli, Massimo; Gloria, Antonio; Bignardi, Cristina; Cali, Michele; Maietta, Sverio Mar 1, 2020 1577
Experimental Study on Seepage Properties of Jointed Rock-Like Samples Based on 3D Printing Techniques. Tan, Wenhui; Wang, Pengfei Report Mar 1, 2020 5867
3D Printing Is Bridging the Gap Between Radiology and Surgery. Massat, Mary Beth Mar 1, 2020 2213
PRIME TIME FOR ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING: Once a disruptive technology, 3D printing and additive manufacturing are ready to make the leap from the fringe to mainstream. Jayaram, Jayanth; Amling, Alan; Chaudhuri, Atanu; McMackin, Dan Mar 1, 2020 4280
Lasers initiate copper 3D printing take-off: Optically-driven additive manufacturing is entering uncharted territory with challenging reflective, thermally conductive metals such as copper, finds Andy Extance. Extance, Andy Mar 1, 2020 2091
'World's Largest' 3D Printer Farm to Compete with Injection Molding. Mar 1, 2020 215
Additive Manufacturing Continues Its Push Toward Production Floor: Suppliers unveil new material grades at K 2019 as 3D printing applications advance. Caliendo, Heather Mar 1, 2020 787
Someday My Prints will come: No longer just a fad: 3D printer innovations, expanded material options, and emergence of a robust supply chain are increasing confidence in additive manufacturing. Brusco, Sam Mar 1, 2020 3629
A Design for Qualification Framework for the Development of Additive Manufacturing Components--A Case Study from the Space Industry. Dordlofva, Christo Case study Mar 1, 2020 13011
VCUarts Qatar don receives QFgrant for developing resin for 3D printing. Feb 27, 2020 423
First time use of 3D printing model for cervical spine surgery. Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary, Senior Reporter Feb 14, 2020 456
Samuel Son takes 100% ownership of Burloak Technologies. Feb 14, 2020 160
Samuel Son takes 100% ownership of Burloak Technologies. Feb 14, 2020 171
SME recognizes accomplishments of 20 women in aerospace & defense manufacturing. Feb 13, 2020 154
Samuel Son Acquires 100% of Canada-Based Burloak Technologies. Feb 13, 2020 180
Samuel Son Acquires 100% of Canada-Based Burloak Technologies. Feb 13, 2020 187
Pratt & Whitney uses 3D printing for aero-engine component. Feb 12, 2020 715
Apprenticeship scheme continues to be a hit after reaching landmark. Feb 11, 2020 253
Ford develops 3D-printed locking wheel nuts to thwart thieves. Rosie Ogden Feb 9, 2020 608
In Case You Missed It. Feb 1, 2020 761
Plastics: A New Ingredient for Medical Miracles? When developments in 3D printing, material science, and improved properties of engineered plastics align together, medical miracles can happen. Romeo, Jim Feb 1, 2020 2402
Developer demonstrates speed, labor efficiency in 3D-printed home. Feb 1, 2020 191
Identification of Factors Affecting Predation Risk for Juvenile Turtles Using 3D Printed Models. Tetzlaff, Sasha J.; Estrada, Alondra; DeGregorio, Brett A.; Sperry, Jinelle H. Report Feb 1, 2020 7239
VCUarts Qatar events to look at 'art as a vehicle for driving technology'. Jan 30, 2020 309
3D Printing Metals Market's Oppportunities And Challenges. Jan 27, 2020 751
3D Printing Metal Industry Global Production,Growth,Share,Demand And Applications Forecast To 2026. Jan 27, 2020 772
A whisper from the past: voice of 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy reproduced. Nada Deyaa' Jan 25, 2020 1144
Transportation Technology Takes Center Stage On Last Day Of NITL Summit. FreightWaves Jan 23, 2020 747
MEET builds 90m2 3D-printed house within 2 weeks at SRTI Park. Anup Oommen Jan 23, 2020 281
GE, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and PARC Partnering to accelerate 3D- Part Design of Turbomachinery Components. Jan 22, 2020 777
STEAM subject engagement improved through 3D printing, says Y Soft; 3D printing provider for the education sector advises on how to apply 3D printing in the classroom through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) lessons. Jan 21, 2020 665
2019 Report on Advanced Visualization Technologies Improving Medical Imaging and Diagnosis in Cardiology, Neurology, Surgical Planning and Intraoperative Procedure Assistance. Report Jan 21, 2020 653
Global 3D Printing Healthcare Market 2020: Analysis by Technology, Application, End-User, Region Wise and Forecast to 2026. Jan 20, 2020 742
STEAM subject engagement improved through 3D printing, says Y Soft. Jan 20, 2020 665
New DHA 3D printing lab for complex cases. Staff report Jan 19, 2020 665
New 3D Printing Lab opens for DHA hospitals. Staff Report Jan 19, 2020 196
DHA opens pioneering 3D Printing Lab. Jan 19, 2020 647
3D Bioprinting Market 2020 Upcoming Trends, Share, Top manufactures analysis, Demand, Growth Drivers, and Future Outlook to 2029. Jan 17, 2020 740
3D Systems and CollPlant Biotechnologies Join Forces to Accelerate Breakthroughs in Regenerative Medicine. Jan 13, 2020 1231
Amorepacific presents advanced cosmetics technology. Jan 10, 2020 406
DELRAY Systems Signs Partnership to Sell Sinterit SLS 3D Printers in the USA. Jan 9, 2020 367
Meggitt invests in HiETA Technologies. Jan 8, 2020 380
Orthopaedic Prosthetics Market will possibly cross the mark of US$ 3 billion by the end of 2028. Jan 7, 2020 694
Desheng Machinery Enlarge the Capacity to Strengthen the CNC Machining Service. Jan 3, 2020 891
Design for Additive Manufacturing: Concepts and Considerations for the Aerospace Industry. Brief article Jan 1, 2020 115
Pump Up the Volume: Advancements in 3D printers facilitate high-volume production when quality is also paramount. Giordano, Geoff Jan 1, 2020 1689
Energy Department laboratory hosts 3D-printed turbine foundation tests. Jan 1, 2020 329
3D printer-ready mixer. Jan 1, 2020 196
NAWCAD Lakehurst Expands Additive Manufacturing Facility. Murawski, Allison Jan 1, 2020 723
Micromolder Makuta Adopts Carbon 3D Printing. Jan 1, 2020 184
In Situ Thermography of the Metal Bridge Structures Fabricated for the 2018 Additive Manufacturing Benchmark Test Series (AM-Bench 2018). Heigel, Jarred C.; Lane, Brandon; Levine, Lyle; Phan, Thien; Whiting, Justin Jan 1, 2020 7656
Patient-Specific Coronary Artery 3D Printing Based on Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography and Coronary Angiography. Huang, Chenxi; Lan, Yisha; Chen, Sirui; Liu, Qing; Luo, Xin; Xu, Gaowei; Zhou, Wen; Lin, Fan; Peng, Jan 1, 2020 4788
3D Systems & CollPlant Partner to Create Bioprinted Tissues and Scaffolds. Jan 1, 2020 306
Effect of Shot Peening on the Mechanical Properties and Cytotoxicity Behaviour of Titanium Implants Produced by 3D Printing Technology. Zebrowski, Remigiusz; Walczak, Mariusz; Korga, Agnieszka; Iwan, Magdalena; Szala, Miroslaw Dec 31, 2019 5575
Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Porous Thermoplastic Polyurethane Obtained by 3D Printing for Protective Gear. Lee, Hyojeong; Eom, Ran-i; Lee, Yejin Dec 31, 2019 5851
Design and Development of a Delta 3D Printer Using Salvaged E-Waste Materials. Simons, Anthony; Avegnon, Kossi L.M.; Addy, Cyrus Dec 31, 2019 4373
Jeffrey Ito Releases New Book On 3D Printing. Dec 31, 2019 487
Dental 3D Printing Market Study 2019-2024 - Global Market Projected to Cross $4.4 Billion by 2024. Dec 23, 2019 820
Laser shock peening used to 'heal' cracks during additive manufacturing. Dec 22, 2019 246
Shifting the manufacturing paradigm: Dr Srinivas Garimella shares his experience in establishing additive manufacturing as a key technology at Eaton. Garimella, Srinivas Dec 22, 2019 1295
Accelerating the adoption of laser powder bed fusion using digital integration: Rita Bola, project manager at EWF, describes how digitally integrating the process steps of laser powder bed fusion will help accelerate its adoption in industry. Bola, Rita Dec 22, 2019 1148
Innovations in E-fabric Printing, Die Casting, 3D Printing, and Robots, 2019 Research Report. Report Dec 18, 2019 375
Military 3D Printing Market Size, Share, Growth, Analysis, Key Companies, Thriving Technology, Demand and Upcoming Business Opportunity With Detailed Foreseen To 2023. Dec 18, 2019 1070
Dental 3D Printing Market Competitive Scenery, Size, Share, Trends, Demand, Growth, Regional Survey, and Industry Forecast to 2023. Industry overview Dec 17, 2019 861
Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Market 2019 Global Analysis, Industry Size, Share Leaders, Current Status by Major Key vendors, Trends and drivers by Forecast to 2025. Dec 17, 2019 1037
Global Bound Metal Additive Manufacturing Market Outlook to 2029: Focus on Metal Binder Jetting and Bound Metal Deposition. Dec 16, 2019 558
3D Printing Plastics Market Likely To Reach $1.98 Billion By 2025. Dec 16, 2019 827

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