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3D blow different parts from one parison die.

A new horizontal 3D blow molder produces two different parts in two molds from one parison die. The double-station model K3D HP from the German parent of Kautex Machines, Inc., North Branch, N.J., has a clamp that opens and closes vertically. Different moldings with different lengths and weights are produced from a single parison with a given diameter, typically 1 to 3 in.

A parison is extruded and placed robotically in the lower half of one mold. The clamp closes and the part is blown. While the part is cooling, another parison of a different length and weight (but the same diameter) is extruded and placed in the lower half of the second mold. When the clamp opens, the first part remains in the top half of the mold, the empty mold haft slides over, and the part is dropped on a conveyor. The second mold half is now in place for clamping and blowing. The machine typically produces parts 1 to 3 ft long.

Tier 1 automotive supplier Cornaglia S.A. in Beinasco, Italy, recently installed a K3D HP to produce air ducts for Fiat. The ducts have the same diameter but different lengths and weights. The air duct made in one station has a gross weight of 242 g and a parison length of about 570 mm while the other parison is 1100 mm long and weighs 477 g. The ducts are produced via sequential coextrusion using polypropylene and a TPV. Tel: (908) 253-6006 * PTDirect: 883UB

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Title Annotation:KEEPING UP WITH: Blow Molding
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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