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3Com Delivers Remote Workers Secure Network Access Over the Internet.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 15, 1999--

DynamicAccess(R) VPN Client Eliminates Dial-Up Toll Costs and

Simplifies Remote Access for Mobile Users and Telecommuters

As large enterprise customers turn to virtual private networks to deliver secure, cost-effective remote access to the corporate network, 3Com Corp. (Nasdaq:COMS) today announced its DynamicAccess(R) Virtual Private Network (VPN) encryption software.

The latest component of 3Com's end-to-end VPN solution, 3Com's new DynamicAccess technology offering enables remote workers to use the Internet or public networks to securely communicate and share information with corporate offices from around the world.

For IS departments, implementing VPNs with 3Com's new DynamicAccess VPN client dramatically reduces the cost and effort required to deliver remote access. Savings include: reduced dial-up line charges, lower end user support costs and reduced infrastructure costs due to eliminating the need to purchase, install and support remote access concentrator modem banks.

According to the Yankee Group, there are an estimated 13 million telecommuters and 55 million workers who use remote network access in the U.S. alone (Yankee Group, December 1998). Supporting the industry's broadest base of desktop and mobile PCs, 3Com's DynamicAccess VPN client supports Ethernet NICs and a variety of desktop and PC card modems, including v.90, cable and digital subscriber line (DSL).

"In addition to extending 3Com's end-to-end VPN solution, today's DynamicAccess technology announcement adds to our growing list of secure network initiatives for 1999," said David Flynn, vice president of marketing in 3Com's Client Access Business Unit.

"3Com believes network security begins with PCs at the edge of the network and we are aggressively developing networking hardware and software aimed at protecting confidential corporate information traveling within the Enterprise and over the Internet."

Global Network Access

For remote users conducting business on a global scale in places such as hotel rooms and business offices overseas, 3Com's new VPN client access solution delivers immediate, secure access to the corporate LAN.

3Com's DynamicAccess VPN client utilizes standards-based encryption and tunneling protocols, making it compatible with central site equipment from vendors such as 3Com, Cisco, Bay/Nortel Networks, Ascend and TimeStep. 3Com's VPN client includes authentication, encryption and data integrity features, and supports standards-based protocols, including: -0-

-- IP Security or IPSec
-- IP Payload Compression Protocol or IPPCP
-- Layer Two Tunneling Protocol or L2TP


The IPSEC and IPPCP code is licensed from Timestep(R) Corp. and has been combined with 3Com's L2TP code and integrated into 3Com's existing DynamicAccess agent architecture. The DynamicAccess VPN client will also include support for the flexible and scalable user management features of Entrust(R) Technologies' (Nasdaq:ENTU) public-key infrastructure (PKI) solution.

The DynamicAccess VPN client is in the process of completing the necessary functionality testing to become Entrust-ready, which will enable compatibility with Entrust/PKI software.

Simplifying Remote Access

3Com's DynamicAccess Secure VPN client offering also includes 3Com's DynamicAccess Mobile Configuration Manager to simplify VPN remote access for the PC user and further reduce IS support costs. The DynamicAccess Mobile Configuration Manager, which was released in January 1999, allows network administrators to easily create and deploy multiple standard LAN and WAN network configurations.

Users simply select their location, and then the software automatically sets all Windows network configurations to the correct, IS-defined settings. 3Com's DynamicAccess VPN client also includes Tivoli's(R) Lightweight Client Framework (LCF) agent which supports software distribution, allowing IS to push software updates out to VPN users.

End-to-End VPN Solution From 3Com

3Com's end-to-end VPN solutions are the foundation for next-generation wide area and remote access corporate networks, enabling businesses to purchase cost-effective, secure public network-based alternatives to today's conventional and more expensive dedicated leased-line and dial-up networks.

3Com's flexible system of VPN solutions allows for support in a variety of environments: mobile users and telecommuters; virtual leased lines to branch offices; and secure extranets for connectivity to business partners.

Additionally, the solutions are designed to enable Network Service Providers to provide VPN outsourcing services for customers who prefer to focus staff resources elsewhere and to lower the cost for branch office connectivity. In turn, these solutions enable customers to expand geographic reach, lower capital costs, and deploy secure, reliable infrastructures that scale to the very largest infrastructures.

Offered with 3Com's PathBuilder(TM) and NETBuilder(R) tunneling products and Total Control(R) hub access products, 3Com's L2TP-based solutions can be rolled out by both enterprise and service provider users wanting to upgrade their network to standards-based VPN infrastructures.

Availability and Pricing

3Com expects to ship its DynamicAccess VPN encryption software in Q2 of this calendar year. It will be available in two versions, supporting 56-bit DES encryption or 168-bit 3DES encryption. Pricing will be $65/seat for one to nine users, $60/seat for 10-99 users, $50/seat for 100-499 users, and $40/seat for 500 or more users.

3Com also will offer lower priced site licenses for larger installations. The 56-bit version of the DynamicAccess VPN encryption software will be bundled with select 3Com networking hardware, including enterprise PC Card modems.

About 3Com Corp.

With more than 200 million customers worldwide, 3Com Corporation connects more people to information in more ways than any other networking company. 3Com delivers innovative information access products and network system solutions to large, medium and small enterprises; carriers and network service providers; PC OEMs; and consumers. 3Com -- More connected.(TM) For further information, visit 3Com's World Wide Web site at or the press site at

Note to editors: 3Com, NETBuilder, DynamicAccess and Total Control are registered trademarks and More connected and PathBuilder are trademarks of 3Com Corporation. TimeStep is a registered trademark of TimeStep Corporation. Entrust is a registered trademark of Entrust Technologies. Tivoli is a registered trademarks of Tivoli Systems Inc., an IBM company. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.
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