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3AM: TAKE THAT BES, SHAZ; Mr Nasty demands apology for knickers jibe at Loos.

Byline: Kiki King, Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley

MR NASTY Simon Cowell has gone all Nice, demanding Sharon Osbourne apologise to X Factor contestant Rebecca Loos after she told her to put some knickers on.

He leapt to the defence of the mega-boobed reality star, saying Shazza had gone too far.

Stunned viewers saw Ozzy's wife belittle David Beckham's former PA on Monday night's Battle Of The Stars on ITV1 as she told her: "A very bad vibe comes from you.

"You've got nice boobs but you should wear knickers to warm your voice."

Then Rebecca, 28, gave the audience a one-fingered salute off-camera amid a wall of booing.

An insider says: "Simon told Sharon she had simply gone too far.

"He was annoyed and said it wasn't in the spirit of the show. Simon said it got too personal but she was having none of it."

Sharon also tore a strip off You Are What You Eat presenter Gillian McKeith, who was voted off after her performance of Cher's Shoop Shoop Song failed to impress viewers or judges. Sharon told Gillian: "You are what you eat and that was a bit like salmonella."

Even Gillian's promise to sing the Pussycat Dolls hit Don't Cha was not enough to save her.

Simon had the deciding vote and said he was sending her home "for the good of Great Britain. He branded her performance "almost non human" but persuaded her to return for the finale.

Sharon took another swipe at Rebecca after she sang Baby It's Cold Outside with Royal loverat James Hewitt. She told Rebecca: "Mrs, Mrs, talk about going down. Have you got something stuck in the back of your throat?" Her daughter Kelly, 21, who was in the audience, also put the boot in. When Louis Walsh said Rebecca sang OK but James Hewitt had let her down, Kelly screamed: "Shut up!"

She then shouted at Rebecca: "You're not a celebrity!" Hmm, sounds like a case of Ms Pot calling Ms Kettle!

Rebecca threatened to quit just minutes after her humiliation, but X Factor boss Richard Holloway persuaded her to stay.

A source said: "It took a lot of kind words and diplomacy to talk her round."

Meanwhile, Ex-EastEnder Lucy Benjamin was shocked when Sharon blurted out congratulations on the actress's pregnancy - which she hadn't publicly announced

Sharon approached Lucy after the show to say sorry for the revelation.

Rebecca didn't quite get the same treatment as Shazza told ITV2's Xtra Factor: "She didn't have any knickers on - all that pouting and gyrating. I don't understand why they are here."

Cowell responded: "Because they are our guests." Sharon added: "From hell."

We can't wait for Round Two


THREE FOR ALL: Sharon, Rebecca and Simon
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 31, 2006
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