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3AM: NERVOUS BECK; Stressed star feels strain with Posh away.

Byline: Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley

AS Victoria Beckham kicked off her comeback tour with the Spice Girls last night, we can reveal life is not so rosy for hubby David...

With his family in different countries, his dad recovering from a heart attack and Christmas around the corner, Becks has found that the instability has made his obsessive compulsive disorder worse.

The LA Galaxy star, 32, is so anxious that he can't relax until everything is in its exact place - particularly on his private jet. On a recent trip, he demanded spotless upholstery and symmetrical crockery.

An insider says: "David likes his jet arranged so that everything looks neat and when a meal is served to him he insists that there is a row of glasses of different sizes on the tray.

"He spends time lining up the cutlery, crockery and salt and pepper before he will even begin eating.

"Beyond that he likes as little clutter as possible on the jet and insists on the magazines and newspapers being arranged in a straight line across the counter before he boards the flight."

Becks has spoken out in the past about his battle with OCD, a complaint which drives sufferers to carry out bizarre and repetitive rituals. But since being away from Victoria, 33, and his sons Brooklyn, eight, Romeo, five, and Cruz, two, his condition has become even more acute.

And the festive period just adds to David's stress levels...

Our insider said: "Christmas always makes David nervous and stressed because there are so many family conflicts and emotions flying about. David's father who suffered a heart attack back in September refuses to be at Christmas lunch with his mother and it is always better if the Victoria's family and the Beckhams are kept apart, especially Ted and Tony. This makes his OCD a lot worse."

The insider continues: "David gets agitated if his clothes aren't hung in a straight line.

"He must have his bags laid out, with nothing sticking out, in order of size. And he likes the leather upholstery on the jet to be rubbed with a special leather balm and smell fresh."

We won't expect Becks to catch a flight on the chaotic Spice Girls' jet then...


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 3, 2007
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