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39,247 books published in Turkey in 2011.

March 30 2012 (TUR) -- A total of 39,247 books were published in Turkey in 2011. Turkstat said on Friday that the number of published materials increased 15.7 percent in 2011 when compared to 2010. 39,247 books, 258 electronic books (DVD, VCD, CD), 1,037 electronic books (web based), 60 cassettes with book, 127 maps and 657 other materials and as a total 41,386 ISBN were taken by publishers in 2011. In 2011, materials published by the private sector increased 17.5 percent compared to 2010. The distribution of published materials by publisher type are respectively 86.3 percent of private sector, 9 percent of public and educational institutions and 4.7 percent of non-governmental organizations. In 2011, 35.9 percent of publication has been published on literature and rhetoric issues. In 2011, while published materials on the literature and rhetoric increased 16.4 percent, published materials on social sciences increased 14.8 percent compared to 2010. The distribution of published materials by topic are respectively 35.9 percent on literature and rhetoric, 33.4 percent on social science, 7.3 percent on geography and history, 6.8 percent on religion, 6.4 percent technology (applied sciences). The languages of the published material are 94.6 percent of Turkish and 2.9 percent of English.

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Publication:Anadolu (Eskisehir, Turkey)
Date:Mar 30, 2012
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