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386-based personal workstation from Decision Data.

386-Based Personal Workstation from Decision Data

Decision Data has announced the 1120/SX-01, an 80386/SX-based personal workstation that is available in numerous configurations for standalone computing as well as IBM midrange computer and local area network connectivity.

Featuring 20-megahertz (MHz) processing speed, the new personal workstation contains 2 megabytes (MB) of random access memory (RAM) expandable to 8MB and is offered with either a VGA monochrome or color display. One 5.25" floppy drive is provided with room for two additional 3.5" devices. Four 16-bit slots accommodate a variety of add-in cards.

Software bundled with the unit includes MS-DOS, GW BASIC, Microsoft Windows 3.0, SYSCONF configuration software, EMM expanded memory manager, ACACHE disk caching software and AVGA advanced VGA utilities.

Optional equipment includes a 20-MHz math co-processor, 1.44MB 3.5" floppy drives, a 5250 emulation card, and 40MB, 100MB and 200MB hard drives to enable up to 400MB of local storage.

A one-year warranty provides four months of on-site service and eight months of depot service by Decision Data. An upgrade for a full-year on-site maintenance agreement is available as well as a second-year on-site contract.

The Decision Data 1120/SX-01 personal workstation is shipping now. Price for the standard configuration is $1,995.

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Publication:Information Today
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Date:Apr 1, 1991
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