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36th annual waterborne symposium to focus on sustainability.

The School of Polymers and High Performance Materials at the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS, and the Southern Society for Coatings Technology will host the 36th Annual Waterborne Symposium on February 18--20, 2009, in New Orleans, LA.

The Symposium will be held at the Marriott Hotel at the Morial Convention Center. The theme of the program is "Advances in Sustainable Coating Technologies."

The preliminary symposium program features the following presentations:

"Overview of Vegetable Oil Macromonomer Technology"--Shelby F. Thames, The University of Southern Mississippi (Plenary Lecture)

"The Evolution of Architectural Coatings in a Green Marketplace"--John Gilbert, Behr Process Corporation (Keynote Lecture)

"Evaluations of a Group of Organic Color Pigments"--Southern Society for Coatings Technology Education Committee (Society Lecture)

"New Binders for Waterborne Paints with Improved Body and Gloss: Going for Gold"--Sandeep Bhatt, Gail Pollano, and Pablo Steenwinkel, DSM NeoResins

"Mechanisms for Combating Macro and Microfoam in Low-VOC Waterborne Systems"--Charles S. Douglas, Markus Hallack, Christopher Howard, and Heike Semmler, Evonik-Tego Coatings Additives & Specialty Resins

"New High Performance Alkyl Phenol Free Surfactants with Improved Physical Properties"--Ana Maria Fernandez and Loubna Jebbanema, Cognis Corporation

"High Throughput Methods for Developing Waterborne Coating Formulations"--Michael Johnson, Melinda Keefe, John Oh, Rebecca Ortiz, Anurima Singh, and Jodi Mecca, Dow Coating Solutions

"Optical Film Formation Analysis"--Yoann Lefeuvre, Helene Dihang, and Laurent Brunel, Formulaction

"Alkylphenol Ethoxylate Free Surfactants for Emulsion Polymerization and Coating Formulations"--Yi Zhong Li, Celine Betton-Perez, Jose P. Ruiz, and Jack Cui, Rhodia Inc.

"Aqueous Fumed Silica Dispersions to Enhance Waterborne Coatings"--Matthew Linares, Evonik Degussa Corporation

"High Solid Content Polycrylic Latexes via Emulsion and Miniemulsion Polymerization"--Timothy McKenna, Department of Chemical Engineering, Queen's University

"The Use of Polyester Polyols Based on Dimerized Fatty Acids from Renewable Resources in Polyurethane and UV Curable Applications"--William H. McNamee and Erwin Honcoop, Croda, Inc.

"Powdered Pigment Dispersion Concentrates for UV/EB Cure Coatings"--Scott Murray, Elementis Specialties, Inc.

"Waterborne Binder for Primer Systems: The Key to Versatility and High Performance"--Lorenzo N. Petway, Alwin Krotzek, and Martin Gerlitz, Huntsman Corporation

"Soy Ester Solvent, the Future of Coatings"--Thomas Rauls, New Century Coatings

"Rheological Additives Selection for Low-VOC Solvent Formulations"--William A. Reynolds, Elementis Specialties, Inc.

"Ultra Low VOC Water-Based Polyurethane Coatings with Outstanding Graffiti Resistance"--Peter Schmitt, Bayer MaterialScience LLC

"Accelerating Formulation R&D by Automated High Output Technologies"--Josef Schroer, Chemspeed Technologies

"Alkylphenol Ethoxylate Alternatives for Coatings Applications"--Melanie A. Sharp and Kip D. Sharp, Sasol North America

"Waterborne Coatings for Glass"--Raymond S. Stewart, Bayer MaterialScience LLC

"A New Multi-functional Additive to Promote Application Properties and Coalescence in Latex Coatings"--Arron M. Strepka, Mak Joshi, William Arendt, Yvonne Berry-Walker, and Jason Butt, Velsicol Chemical Corporation

"New Waterborne Cationic Resins for Wood and Metal Primers"--Ming Tsang and Karl Sundberg, Cytec Industries Inc., USA; and Roland Feola, Michael Gobec, Leila Khatai, Karl Rossmann, Cytec Surface Specialties, Austria

"The Use of VOC Compliant Colorants to Address the Age Old Industry Problem of 'Viscosity Drop' and New Technology Stabilized Tinted Paint Viscosity"--Hersjel Wehrens and Dick Henderson, Elementis Specialties, Inc. "Phosphate Monomers and Surfactants, the Applications in Emulsion Polymerization and Coatings Formulation"--Fabio Trezzi, Zhengang Zong, Yi Zhong Li, Jack Cui, and Jose P. Ruiz, Rhodia Inc.

The symposium will also offer a technology showcase featuring tabletop exhibits on Tuesday and Wednesday, and a student poster session on Wednesday and Thursday. Registration for the symposium includes admission to all technical sessions and a copy of the Symposium Proceedings.

For more information, contact Laura M. Fosselman, Waterborne Coordinator, at 601.266.4475,, or visit
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