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359th Signal Brigade makes it happen at RS05.

The mission of the Theater Network Operations and Security Center is to "monitor and manage the command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence systems, and networks. The TNOSC also provides theater level situational awareness of transmission, switching, voice, video, and data service in support of the warfighter.

SGM Pruitt Henderson, from the 359th Signal Brigade, is the noncommissioned-officer-in-charge and is the right hand man of the officer-in-charge, MAJ Walter Milne. According to Henderson, "the TNOSC runs two shifts, 24 hours-a-day, ensuring COL Charles Nichols, the G6 (exercise communications director) of Roving Sands 2005, provides uninterrupted communications to the multi-agency, multi-state exercise."

Henderson helped manage five different sections in the TNOSC; transmission, satellite, switch, USAF assets, and Marine Air Control Squadron 23. He set priorities for each section to ensure the entire communications network was monitored 24/7. A software package called "What's Up Gold" helped do just that, but human oversight was the key.

The TNOSC team brought together the following capabilities to their external audience; voice Defense Switch Network, tactical, high frequency, commercial, secure telephone equipment), Joint Training Experimental Network Secure and Non-secure Internet Protocol Routers, information workspace, plus Cable News Network and the Weather Channel. The external audience is the warfighters such as the Air Defense Artillery, U.S. Air Force pilots, and Marine Corps air defense assets.

Henderson works for Georgia Power in Atlanta, Ga., as a communications engineer. As with his job in the TNOSC, he helps manage different communication capabilities. He also looks at new technologies for Georgia Power. He went to a professional trade show in San Diego, Calif., recently, where he was studying automatic meter reading systems to provide more efficient ways of Georgia Power monitoring energy usage. Henderson is married and has two children.

CPT Clark is a graduate of the Infantry Officer Basic Course, Infantry Captains Career Course, Adjutant Captains Career Course, CAS3, and the Military History Instructor Course. He was the PAO for the 359th Signal Brigade at ROVING SANDS 2005 and now works at the 335th Theater Signal Command in Atlanta as a personnel management officer.
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Date:Jun 22, 2005
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