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35+ doubles round robin.

As a humble Robert Sostre was being congratulated during the 35-plus doubles awards presentation, he said, "That was all Pete."

Though Pete Pellegrini undoubtedly played well, Sostre--a former open champ and master of just about every game played with a ball on one-wall courts--certainly held up his end too.

With two of the surest hands ever, Sostre is uncanny at getting balls back to the wall. While not as mobile as they used to be, Sostre and Pellegrini, both near 50, would still be tough to beat in the open. The pair emerged unscathed in the round robin.

"Sostre's in a tournament every week," Mike Meltzer said. "He's in Florida at a paddles, Las Vegas for racquetball, you name it."

An any-wall, any-ball star, Sostre played in a tuneup event the week before because it had been last year since he had played small-ball handball.

As for his tournament play, he said, "I may as well do it while I can."

And he does it well.

While Sostre brought soft hands, the muscled Pellegrini brought the firepower.

Raul Retian/Nick Roman, on the younger side of the players in the bracket, took second with a tiebreaker win over last year's champs, Richard Mascia/Jared Vale.

1: Robert Sostre/Pete Pellegrini (N.Y.) d. Raul Retian/Nick Roman (N.J.) 15, 11; d. Richard Mascia/Jared Vale (N.Y.) 15, 7; d. Sal Coticelli/Juan Martinez (N.Y.), def.

2: Retian/Roman d. Mascia/Vale (18), 19, 8; d. Coticelli/Martinez, def.

3: Mascia/Vale d. Coticelli/Martinez 10, 11.

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Date:Nov 1, 2019
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